Hard to Stomach

Today (August 27) is Guido’s and my wedding anniversary.  75 years.   About.   It seems.  Anyway.

Anticipating this blessed (and blessedly childless) event, back in December we made plans to go to Key West this weekend.  ‘Nuff said.  Isaac had other ideas.  “God sent a Jewish hurricane to punish your ass for defiling your race and marrying a Dago,” said — Nobody.  For good reason.  It’s so wrong on so many levels.

But you know — this storm.  No power outages, no flooding, no weather-related problems except for the basics: it’s shitty out there.  All 7 cats have been trapped inside all day, rubbing unexpressed anal glands with the dog.  Bad moods and resentment dominate.  Snarls, hisses, and bared white teeth.   It’s a prelude for the Republican convention in Tampa, just fewer hair balls.

So we lost our KW anniversary weekend.  Hey, we’re young and we’re right up the fucking road: there will be plenty of opportunities to make up this date.  But here’s what really harshed my mellow this morning:

A survey of kindergarten through eighth-grade teachers released this week by Share Our Strength, a nonprofit that seeks to end child hunger, found that 6 in 10 of those teachers say “students regularly come to school hungry because they are not getting enough to eat at home,” and “a majority of teachers who see hunger as a problem believe that the problem is growing.”

The report quotes a teacher in the Midwest as saying, “The saddest are the children who cry when we get out early for a snow day because they won’t get lunch.” — NYTimes

I went through 12 years of school and NEVER missed lunch.  Not once.  Some days I had two.  It never even occurred to me that anybody in school ever went hungry.   I was a sheltered, middle class kid with a stable family and the unwavering confidence such  relative affluence provided.  So reading this, I’m guilty, outraged, and incredulous.  How can this be America?

Plus: growing up, the BEST thing that happened in the winter was a snow day, when school was either dismissed early or cancelled altogether,  Depriving these kids of that pleasure is criminal — and if the reason for their despair is they’ll go hungry, it’s fucking sinful, too.

There’s about to be an election.  You mull this over and tell me which of the two douchetanks running for office has a better grasp on recognizing, let  alone resolving the problem of hunger in this country —  Multi-millionaire Mitt or the Muslim?  Because this situation is unacceptable.

And then there’s my Green Party.  Dr. Jill Stein.  But Guido told me if I pulled that shit again I’d be lucky to  fuck palm tree knotholes for the rest of my life. Fire ants and all.

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12 Responses to Hard to Stomach

  1. Kim Chee says:

    Hunger is real problem in America and getting worse, especially for children in low-income families. The number of kids whose only meal of the day is the one they get in school is frightening. Keep this in mind when you read the Republican budget plan to cut back spending on food stamps and other anti-poverty programs.


  2. Lois Terms says:

    Happy anniversary!

  3. Moose and Squirrel says:

    Liberals like you fail to appreciate that hunger builds character. Vote the Romney/Ryan Republican Character Building ticket this November, and keep America hungry!

  4. You May Call Me Pierre says:

    I suppose “Let them eat cake” would be as inappropriate a remark.this time as it was the first time. And yet, when I regard the statements of your political leaders when it comes to paying the bills for programs that would feed these and other hungry Americans, sadly it is what comes to mind.

  5. There’s only one problem with the Green Party’s Dr. Jill Stein; and that’s “who the fuck is Dr. Jill Stein?” Even Charlie Sheen is a more viable candidate; at least we know who he is (“an F-18” “rock-star” “warlock” who is “not Thomas Jefferson; he was a pussy”) and what he stands for (WINNING!)

    • Joe Balls says:

      I will tell you who Jill Stein is NOT: a Democrat like BHO, or a Republican like Robo-Romney. That is sufficient reason to vote for her right there.

    • rbhexem says:

      green party, pink party, red party, party party; it’s been the same old crap for the past 50 years! Why would anything change now??

  6. Ayn says:

    Effing Socialist! Those kids probably need to lose a few pounds anyway.

    • Will B. Donne says:

      You’ve never seen truly hungry people, have you, Ayn? Let alone experienced genuine hunger yourself. I understand. Most Americans haven’t. That’s why we still have hunger in this country, and why fucktards like you write and say things like this.

  7. Fran G'Panni says:

    Squats, Guido: Happy anniversary!! REAL sorry you didn’t make it this year but come down when you can and we’ll pretend it was the weekend you missed. I’ll be here. Promise.

  8. ya' gotta' guessit says:

    Don’t blame me…I’m voting for Kodos!

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