Instant Hospice – Just add the Milk of Human Kindness

For some reason, Floridians seem to be upset by this:

A South Florida doctor is accused of torturing a dog tied to a tree before eventually killing it.  Dr. Isaias Lerner, a cardiologist who works with the South Broward Physicians Group in Coconut Creek, has been charged with one count of animal cruelty with intent to kill.

On Thursday, police were called to Lerner’s home on East Broadview Drive on Bay Harbor Island. According to the arrest report, one witness told the officer that they saw Lerner hitting a dog tied to a tree over the head with a hammer.

A second witness told police, at one point, Lerner stabbed the dog in the head around its ear and throat area with a screw driver. The doctor allegedly moved the screw driver around in a grinding manner as the dog yelped in pain and what looked like brain matter dripped from its head.  The dog then slumped to the ground and died.

During questioning, Lerner reportedly admitted that he struck the dog a number of times on the head with a hammer. He said the dog ‘wobbled for a while then passed away’, according to the report.–

I know: bad reporting , bad journalism, bad prose.  Let’s push on.  Why are people upset by this?

  • It’s just a dog.  A fucking dog.  Doesn’t everybody have the right to slaughter their stupid fucking dog as they want to, let alone a physician?
  • The doctor’s methods might have been crude — beating the patient’s brains, scooping out the residue with a screwdriver — but at least it was quick.  The cur was a corpse in a manner of minutes.  Compare this to keeping a cancer patient alive for six suffering  months while he or she loses body parts and functions one by one, witnessed by family and friends who hear the victim screaming in agony, begging for merciful death.  This cardiologist had the human decency to end his animal’s suffering FAST.

I know — you’re thinking that because this guy is a cardiologist, he should have some heart.  Meaning: mercy.  Meaning: sense of compassion for suffering.  Meaning: using his skills and experience as a physician to find the proper avenue from life to death without recourse to a hammer to the brain and a screwdriver in the ear.

But — Like what?  Sentencing his patient to deal with the insurance company?  Burying his patient’s ass with paperwork, delaying genuine treatment in favor of expensive medications that simultaneously proved worthless for the patient, and profitable for the physician and his goddam fucking vampire squid insurance company?

No, by comparison this doctor is a hero.  He slaughtered that innocent dog quickly, efficiently,and outside the legal outreach of his health insurance carrier.   Remember: it’s just a dead dog.

Michael Vicki nods.

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16 Responses to Instant Hospice – Just add the Milk of Human Kindness

  1. Excellent. This post reminds me of just why I must read your blog more often Squatty.

  2. Dawgbowl says:

    Sick beyond words. Has this learned physician lost all sense of humanity?

  3. E.O. Hippus says:

    The doctor will kill you now.

  4. Louie says:

    Really, I agree with you comments on insurance and suffering loved ones but hanging a dog from a tree and beating it with a hammer, sticking it in the ear with a screw driver and scooping out the brains is just a sick mind at work. “beating the patient’s brains, scooping the residue with a screwdriver — but at least it was quick” you are a POS to defend this guy

  5. cljahn says:

    Hanging the dog from a tree and beating it with a hammer may (arguably) not be all that far from making a patient deal with insurance companies, but an empty hypodermic needle would have killed the dog just as dead, and not have upset the neighbors.

    Any properly trained physician would know this. Hell, I’m NOT a doctor, and I know it.

    From TV. Yeah. That’s how.

    • Mister E says:

      Another tried and true method is to lock it in a room with a television set blaring live coverage of political conventions.

  6. Anonymous says:

    The doctor is a piece of shit no matter how you slice it. I hope he gets stabbed with a screwdriver and beaten with a hammer!!!!

  7. Living Will says:

    I’m imagining his office staff has been busy taking calls canceling appointments. As for any patients of his currently hospitalized, my guess is they’re making arrangements to make sure they’re not alone in the room when he visits. What a psycho.

  8. Hugh Bris says:

    Had that dog been carrying a weapon this might have been avoided. Here’s yet another reason there need to be more, not less, guns in the hands of citizens where they can stand their ground against deadly attacks like this one. Liberals like you and your candy-ass readers will never see it this way, though.

  9. syrbal says:

    Actually, I think he did a crummy job of it. I kill animals more efficiently and quickly. With an AXE. (Yes, this is Labrys of HerlanderRefugee on my moving day as I de-googlize and become Syrbal at

    • Mitt Romney says:

      Agreed. I would have just loaded it up in a traveling bin to put on the roof of my car, then drive around until it shat itself dead from fright.

  10. News Bulletin says:

    It was just reported that Dr Lerner is dead of a self inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

    IMHO not nearly agonizing enough for this sick SOB.

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