Happy Eleventh

Expect abundant tributes and news reports today, the 11th anniversary.  But here’s an event that occurred the same week in 2001, one largely overlooked by the general public:  the President of the United States paid a visit to a mosque in Washington.

After hailing American Muslims as “friends” and “taxpaying citizens” in his comments at the mosque, [the President] went on to say: “These acts of violence against innocents violate the fundamental tenets of the Islamic faith. And it’s important for my fellow Americans to understand that.” He quoted from the Koran: “In the long run, evil in the extreme will be the end of those who do evil.” Then he continued in his own words: “The face of terror is not the true faith of Islam. That’s not what Islam is all about. Islam is peace. These terrorists don’t represent peace. They represent evil and war.” — NYTimes

That President, of course, was George W. Bush.  Monkey Boy acting presidential.  Making it clear there would be no FDR-like internment of American citizens for ethnic reasons.  Messaging the violent hinds in the hinterlands that there would be no toleration of vigilantism.  That’s not what America is all about, he told them, grimly and firmly.

This, of course, was before he launched an invasion on Iraq for no discernible reason, screwed up the Afghanistan campaign, and ended up handing the White House keys to a Kenyan socialist Muslim (and did you notice he’s Black?).  But set that aside and study the splendid moment.  Of the sparse few W can claim, this one was among his finest.

It isn’t necessary to belabor the deterioration of his wisdom among the ‘Pubs since then.  Just look at the leaders who spoke in Tampa at their recent love-in.   Better yet, listen to the rank and file (accent rank) in the cheap seats.  Or just switch on your AM radio — 24/7 Muslim-bashing!  State legislatures passing prohibitions on Sharia Law!  No Masks, No Mosques!

It’s just as well Monkey Boy missed the convention: like his predecessor President Alzheimer, he’s ‘way too open-minded, compassionate, and statesmanlike for the current crop of cultists at the helm of his party.  They’d probably brand him a liberal and tell him to follow Charlie Crist out the door.  Assuming he can figure out how it opens.

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11 Responses to Happy Eleventh

  1. The MassPube says:

    I’ve said for many years that that was indeed a truly great Presidential moment and , the day after Sept 11, it wasn’t easy to say or do. He did a good thing, a very good thing! Then, with 100% of the people behind him, he blew it all. What does one expect from a man who read Doris Kerans Goodwin’s TEAM OF RIVALSthinking it was about dog food choices. By the way, what is ‘Shari” Law? Shari Lewis…and Lambchop banned in Oklahoma. Well, they always were ahead of the curve when it comes to deep thinking!

    • squathole says:

      “Shari Law” is either a girl I went to junior high school with or a misprint, not to be confused with a misterprint. I suspect it’s the latter, so I corrected it. Good line about Team of Rivals.

  2. Merkin Way says:

    I’m glad you chose this incident to write about today. Like most Americans, I think W’s presidency was a disaster on many fronts. But it didn’t start that way, and as a governor and candidate he was a different politician altogether, I thought he made more sense on many issues, and was an altogether more genuine person than Al Gore, which is why I voted for him in 2000. (By 2004 I reversed my opinion. Too little, too late.) Bottom line: The man who visited the mosque that day never returned to the White House, and the nation went straight to hell.

  3. Miami Harold says:

    I think the former president is not a bad man.
    Certainly he is a weak man, and not a smart man.
    And more certainly he was a bad president.
    The bad company he kept overwhelmed his basic common sense.
    He lost his bearings when disaster struck.
    He surrendered his judgment to close advisers with very little of their own.
    History will regard him as a tragic figure, much like Grant,
    and on the scale of presidents, just about equal..

  4. julesagray says:

    Reading My Pet Goat
    Is not the best way to start
    A horrible war

    Bad Haiku

    • 'Nonymous says:

      Bad history, too. He didn’t start that war. We were savagely attacked by Islamist terrorists, remember?

      The problems in the Bush administration started when liberal Democrats accused the president of fabricating data to justify the Iraq invasion. At that point Bush and his team knew if they wanted to protect this country from a terrorist takeover they would have to do it on their own. The liberal media piled on, and it all went downhill from there.

      • julesagray says:

        Face Shooter Cheney
        Said ‘Deficits don’t matter’
        Missing W M Ds

      • Ruh Roh says:

        What’s that about face-sitter Cheney?

        ‘Nonymous has a short memory. He forgot that the premise of the Iraq invasion — WMDs poised and ready to strike — turned out to be illusory. Those who had the intelligence and courage to point this out early on were proved right, but they were very few, and the Bush people did everything but call them traitors. By the time the whole business was shown to be bogus we were in over our heads, losing limbs, lives, and billions of dollars. When did “telling the truth” become “piling on”?

  5. One Man's Opinion says:

    If “W” had conducted his administration with the same leadership, level-headedness, compassion, & intelligent action as he displayed that day, even for 1/8 of his two terms in office, then this nation (& probably the world) would be in a much better place today. But nooooo! He let the ball drop in Afghanistan just when Osama was in the crosshairs & decides to take on his daddy’s old nemesis by invading Iraq. He allowed himself to be swayed by evidence that was already suspect, to wage war against an innocent party; at least as far the attacks of 9/11 are concerned. His “Bring it on” attitude made the US look bullying & boastful & strained our relations with nations around the world. IMHO he will go in the record books as one of the worst presidents, ever. That is unless Mittney gets elected. Then look out middle class America……we’re all about to be down-sized.

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