Easy to Get Behind This Guy

In the news again: everybody’s favorite ‘Pub Gov in the state everybody loves to hate:

Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey rose to stardom in the national Republican Party by promoting himself as a fiscal conservative willing to make the “hard choices” to restore sound budgeting to his state.  While addressing the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla., last month, Gov. Chris Christie no longer spoke of a “New Jersey Comeback.”

But for much of the last year, Democrats and independent budget analysts have argued that his current budget was built on wishful thinking, and assumed that the state’s lagging economy would grow faster than that of almost anywhere else in the nation. In his typical blunt style, Mr. Christie dismissed those doubters as “rooting for failure.”

On Tuesday, his frequent assertions of a “New Jersey Comeback” came under fresh scrutiny, this time from Standard & Poor’s, which downgraded the state’s financial outlook to negative from stable. — NYTimes

No surprise that tough talkin’ Gov Porcine has changed his squeal, if not his attitude.  And despite the uncomfortable fact that Jersey’s unemployment rate is 9.8% — higher than the national average, and fourth in the country behind only CA, NV, and RI — he still wants to cut taxes, which will reduce revenue and shrink the economy further.

I guess his financial model is Greece.

Asked what he’ll do if revenue fails to live up to his budget projections, Christie told reporters, “I’ll collapse that bridge when I get to it.”  (thanks, Jimmy Fallon)

As far as I know, Gov Baconback has successfully avoided the term “belt tightening” when referring to his austerity budget — that’s fortunate — but the reality of the state’s finances suggest that no amount of cutting will balance the budget as state law requires.  It’s the wrong approach anyway, like drilling another hole in the bottom of a leaking boat to let water out.  But ‘Pubs coast to coast have this incredible blind spot when it comes to taxes.  They think “tax cuts pay for themselves” even though there are decades of evidence and oceans of red ink that prove otherwise.

In March and again in May, the director of the Office of Legislative Services, David J. Rosen, warned that revenues were lagging. Mr. Christie dismissed him as “the Dr. Kevorkian of the numbers” and accused him of working on behalf of Democrats.

Ha!  Funny guy.  See, that’s why he’s everybody’s favorite Gobbler.  Sorry — Governor.  I meant Governor.

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7 Responses to Easy to Get Behind This Guy

  1. Anonymous says:

    Once again, you’re wrong .Republicans don’t believe that tax cuts pay for themselves. They believe that cutting taxes helps the rich and the big corporations who gave them the money to get into office to cut taxes on the rich and corporations. They believe that their clients come first and that they may pay enough for them to be re-elected.. It’s called “trickle down” and it’s idea of trickling down is similar to the 47% being peed on by an 93 year old gay hooker . Have a nice day. .

  2. julesagray says:

    ok, ok. Am confused now. When you write Gov. Baconback, I read it as Brownback–you know, the other asshole gov who’s trying to blame the poor, women and negras for his state’s craptacular image.
    And to Anonymous.. stop talking about my life. I DIG getting peed on by a 93 year old gay hooker. Try it sometime, you may just like it.

  3. Beardsley says:

    This is a common misconception based on a misreading of the theory behind the Laffer Curve:

    “However, the Laffer Curve does not say that “all tax cuts pay for themselves” as many people claim. What is true is that tax rate cuts will always lead to more growth, employment, and income for citizens, which are desirable outcomes leading to greater prosperity and opportunity. There is, after all, more to fiscal policy than simply maximizing government revenue.”

    But even if “tax cuts pay for themselves” isn’t the precise formulation, the overall theory is simply fantasy. When both Reagan and GW Bush cut taxes the economy tanked: Reagan subsequently agreed to 11 separate increases during his two terms to try to right the ship. Bush, of course, did nothing (“Deficits don’t matter,” his VP told Congress) and we’re still paying for his fiscal irresponsibility.

    However, our taxes are low — isn’t that grand?

  4. Borkon says:

    Lighten up. Whoops, my bad.

    You need to put this in perspective. Nobody here takes what this guy says seriously. He’s to governing what Snooki is to acting, okay? Cheap laughs, with more neck and thigh meat.

  5. julesagray says:

    Also, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near Christie’s ass–just imagine the smell that seeps out of his ass cheeks. he has the ability to crop-dust the entire Garden State.

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