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It’s In The Bag

zOMG it’s Halloweeeeeeeeen and I almost forgot to post about JESUSWEEN!!  Here’s last year’s take (which drew 68 comments).  The link no longer works, so here’s a new one and  a Facebook page . Halloween was a Very Big Deal … Continue reading

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Pray This Doesn’t Inspire Another Springsteen Benefit Concert

Keeping an eye on Frankenstorm Sandy’s track through South Jersey on the way to the City of Bodily Harm and beyond has been mighty grim for this relocated Fluffyan.  There’s gonna be a lot of wet cheesesteaks and soggy scrapple … Continue reading

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White People Make Me Blush

Ridin’ in my car / Smokin’ my cigar Only time I’m happy’s when I’m playin’ my guitar Anybody know the next line?  And can you spell/pronounce the title of the song? Once in a while I’m ridin’ in my car … Continue reading

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Everybody Loves A Clown

Coming to a truck stop near you! Police say a nude man who works as a clown and children’s entertainer was arrested yesterday morning after jumping into a tractor-trailer at a Rowley rest stop off Interstate 95 and soliciting the … Continue reading

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Stupid Assholes

Log Cabin Republicans, the largest GOP group representing LGBT interests, has (sic) endorsed Mitt Romney for president despite his opposition to gay marriage. “It is clear that in today’s economic climate, concern for the future of our country must be … Continue reading

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Bats ‘n Balls

I watched an intriguing battle last night — and I don’t mean the feather-duster-thruster teevee  talking headz characterize as a debate.  After all, when I indulge in fiction, I like it printed, not recited from a lectern and presented as … Continue reading

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George S. McGovern

I can’t let Sen. George McGovern’s death pass by without comment. The Prairie Preacher is the first presidential candidate I ever voted for, setting a precedent for picking losers that extended without interruption until Clinton’s first campaign.  Back in 1972, … Continue reading

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