Dr. Barry Commoner

Barry Commoner died.  I thought he left us years ago. Damn.  I guess he got tired of beating his head against a wall and just withdrew.

Among the few silly things he did in a remarkable life was run for president in 1980.  He got 234,000 votes, including mine.  Back then, nobody ever blamed me for getting President Alzheimer elected the way they did when I voted for Ralph Nader instead of Algore or Monkey Boy two decades later.   ‘T’was a more innocent time.

He himself said he’d probably make a lousy president.  So what?  We got a whole bunch of ’em anyway.

Thanks for all the good work, Doc.

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4 Responses to Dr. Barry Commoner

  1. julesagray says:

    Anderson for America.

  2. Merkin Way says:

    I remember this guy — maybe a brilliant scientist and wonderful teacher but just another crackpot on the campaign trail. There were two of them that year — John Anderson was the other one, a reformed Republican with less vision than attitude. Third parties in this country will never ever work, but people like you who vote for Nader just won’t believe it. Your Barry Commoner vote should have taught you that but I guess you weren’t smart enough….. are you now?

  3. Yeah, Merkin. That upstart Republican Party never really managed to displace the Whigs.

    • Merkin Way says:

      Hardly my point, cljahn, but it’s impressive you remember at least a little bit of the American History you slept through in school. The Whigs were not a “third party” by any understanding of the term, but even if they were, I was talking about the viability of third parties today. The only way a third party today could become competitive is if it took on the same powerfully moneyed and evil characteristics as the other two — at which juncture we’d need a fourth party. Etcetera ad infinitum. Sorry — you probably slept through Latin, too.

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