Epistemology 101

Things have been mighty hectic in these parts lately.  Seems like all the little threads I’ve been winding into a portfolio of client service have come together all at once, exponentially increasing the number of tasks I need to juggle during the day.  This (and the rain) is truly cutting into my major life priority: maintaining a suntan.

And speaking of rain, our roof finally gave up the ghost.  By “ghost” I mean “ceiling.”  Water got in over the room with the computers, painted a lovely pattern of mold for a few months, then finally broke through in an avalanche of wet plaster.  The hardware is mostly okay, although in one of the strangest outcomes, now whenever I view a video, whether one saved in my files or on YouTube, it’s speeded up.  Makes for very amusing porn, believe me.

And from my perch at the computer, I have a lovely view of the crawl space and roof just above my head.  Oh, look.  Ants.

I never watch presidential debates, and this year’s was no exception.  The very idea of two painted faces in empty suits parroting punch lines written for them by scumwad political operatives, themselves poised to spin their masters’ gaffes and weaknesses in the seconds the lights dim…..this is how the American public should select its leader?  Truly?  Maybe this made sense when Lincoln and Douglas choo-chooed around the nation.  Maybe.  But it doesn’t any more.

From what I read, a new version of Mittney emerged and caught BHO off-guard, causing ‘Crats to wring their diverse hands and gag on their breeeeeeee.  These people never learn.  They actually swallowed that Hope and Change crap 4 years ago, and are shocked, shocked, that it turned out to be naught but a load of laugh lines.  Now they figure their Big Guy is a political WMD to bomb Mormonia back to the Stone Age (although read the ‘Pub platform: they already embraced the Stone Age).  How you figure, libs?  You dwelling in the Stoner Age?

A whole bunch of sound bites emerge, naturally.  The one about Big Bird is the strangest — is this somehow related to endangered species and environmental policy? — but here’s the one I just don’t understand:

Romney:  “…..Look, I got five boys. I’m used to people saying something that’s not always true, but just keep on repeating it and ultimately hoping I’ll believe it — (scattered laughter) — but that — that is not the case, all right?”

What does this mean?  That his sons lie (or used to lie) all the time?  And maybe BHO doesn’t recognize the significance of having 5 male fable-making offspring because he’s blessed with just two girls?  I mean, I get his point about reiterating falsehoods often enough that people start to believe them (insert inevitable Joseph Goebbels reference here), but what’s that about his “5 boys”?

Maybe we should check with George and Barbara Bush.  If anybody knows about sons who tell whoppers all the time, they do.

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2 Responses to Epistemology 101

  1. Joe Balls says:

    Way back when, in the VCR days, I watched a lot of porn in fast-motion, speeding through the less interesting parts. I actually started prefering it that way. That doesn’t seem to work out real well in real life, though.

  2. Lois Terms says:

    I wonder where on earth Mitt Romney’s 5 sons learned to lie so much.

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