No Pal of Mine

Three hours on the phone with the fuckbuckets at Pay Pal.  Of course, credit for 20 minutes of this  goes to one nutless factotum who put me on hold and left me there to shut me up.

The first three voices I speak with know: Nothing.  That hardly stops them from eating up valuable time.  They just blither on and on about irrelevancies, not answering my concerns, not providing data I require, etc.

One directs me to a web site to step me through a process she says will settle my issues.  Whatever web site she sends me to, it isn’t the same one she’s looking at.  We confirm that much, anyway.  She can’t explain this, either, but it’s the perfect excuse to dump my ass and get somebody else on the line.

She’s the one whom I made promise me over and over that she’d send my bank an email, cc to me, that would overcome the obstacles I confront.  Thirteen hours later, no email.  So I send one to her, using the Reply function to the other (useless) email she’d sent me earlier in the conversation.  Naturally, my email bounces back.

So I copy and paste it into PayPal’s friendly (HA!) Contact Us form.  Within minutes, I get a response suggesting that MOST customers find solutions to THESE problems on this FAQ page.  If this doesn’t help, I may reply (and somebody will send me different useless data).

I sent this:

This is very annoying.
Your representative failed to keep her word to me and it’s holding me up badly.
Thank you.

This is fucking unbearable, intolerable, and borderline criminal.  I would never ever use this service if there was a better alternative, but given the nature of my business here, it simply has to be Pay Pal because for mysterious reasons, they have the most credibility.  God only knows how they fucking earned it, and god and I don’t speak.

So how’s your day going?

Hey look here!  It’s not just me!

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3 Responses to No Pal of Mine

  1. syrbal says:

    After many frustrations, some of which you have listed, I canceled my Paypal account. Fuck it, if the seller can’t manage other forms of payment, I can buy what I want elsewhere. Hmmmm….I feel a rant about people who want my money coming on now.

    • Squathole says:

      Keep in mind that my problems with them are from the other side of the billfold: I’m the administrator of an account for a non-profit organization that uses PayPal to collect. I’ve heard much worse horror stories, too — like PayPal freezing their assets and completely destroying marketing campaigns.

      • syrbal says:

        That was one of my bigger peeves…when they arbitrarily announced that they were not taking contributions for Wikileaks…and not giving them what WAS in the kitty. So yes, I can see it from both sides and both make me livid.

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