Bowels No Move

Sunday morning, and just for shitz and giggles (literally: I think it was something I ate and I’m more or less confined to the porcelain throne for an hour) I actually read the truncated South Florida Sun Sentinel.

I guess its liberal tradition lives with its commitment to affirmative action.  Despite his dementia and other intellectual deficiencies, Kingsley Guy still gets a column.  The paper clearly commits to supporting senile old white farts whose last-century perspective remains resiliently intact to support their paltry grasp of reality.   Kind of brings a tear to my dicktip.

This Sunday, Sir Guy fe Guy’s essay defends trickle-down economics.  It really works!  Yeah!  He has proof!  Look:

Ronald Reagan….supported Federal Reserve Board Chairman Paul Volcker‘s sound dollar policy. With the help of Democrats, including House Speaker Tip O’Neill, he slashed marginal tax rates as Kennedy did, eliminated many of the economic distortions embedded in the tax code, and promoted economic deregulation. From 1982 to the end of Reagan’s second term, the nation’s nominal GDP nearly doubled, and tax revenue increased by about 25 percent.   —Sun-Sentinel

Kingsley conveniently omits mention of President Alzheimer’s subsequent dozen or so tax increases in 7 of his 8 years as President.  Once the old sod saw what was happening to his revenue, he reversed course like Daffy Duck going over a waterfall.  Minus the dignity and sound effects.

Another treatment makes the same point:

With the stroke of a pen, Reagan had reduced individual tax rates by 23 percent, slashed the top marginal rate from 70 percent to 50 percent, and dramatically accelerated the pace at which corporations could write off new investments. Altogether, Reagan gave taxpayers about $143 billion in tax relief over each of the next four years.

And then — just two months later — he asked for about a third of it back.

Read the whole essay.  It’s fun, and it reveals the venerable Broward columnist as the shallow ideological dunce he is today and frankly always was.

But here’s my favorite part.  Guysley speaks favorably of the Bowles-Simpson report, rejected by both ‘Pub leadership and President, and chides them all for their lack of foresight and leadership:

The framework for compromise exists in Bowels-Simpson. Real leaders, in the mold of a Jack Kennedy or a Ronald Reagan, would have jumped to embrace it.

Bowels-Simpson.”  Bowels.  As in, Chief Bowels Move. Teepee Full of Shit.  As in, the only reason I even read this crappy excuse for a paper this morning.

Good job Kingsley, and great team behind you.  Neither staff — print or electronic —  takes you seriously enough to proofread.  Or maybe they just don’t know: this is Florida, after all.  Either way, I pay $10 for a year’s subscription, and I just got my money’s worth.

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3 Responses to Bowels No Move

  1. julesagray says:

    yeah, I applied for a writer/editor gig there. And they said no. See what happens when you deny South Florida of great things?

  2. Piles says:

    Considering the sloppy editing evident in your own blog, you might want to tone this down a hair. Or hire somebody like the commenter above me.

    • One Man's Opinion says:

      While I [sorta] agree with you Piles….squats obviously doesn’t read his own writing before posting….remember, he’s not getting paid. And your not paying to read his blog. Fact-of -the-matter is, even with misspellings & gramatic errors his writing/story-telling ability never fails to get the point accross. Whether or not he’s a professional writer/journalist I don’t know, but this blog is surely not meant to be a professional blog. (I don’t mean that to be an insult, squats….it’s not!)

      Keep up the good work squats…. I’m a fan.

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