Bats ‘n Balls

I watched an intriguing battle last night — and I don’t mean the feather-duster-thruster teevee  talking headz characterize as a debate.  After all, when I indulge in fiction, I like it printed, not recited from a lectern and presented as insight.

Here’s a decent analysis that asks the right question — “Which candidate lied most?

Make it stop.  Are there genuinely undecided voters out there?  Seriously?   I made up my mind about 4 years ago, as did the “Anybody-But-BHO” crowd.

But watching the San Francisco Giants roar back and kick the St, Louis Cardinals’ red butts was rewarding.  I used to like the Cardinals somewhat, but they let me down too often; winning when I wanted them to lose, and losing when I wanted them to win.  Unlike football, baseball is complicated, and picking favorites isn’t a matter of liking whoever wears the uniform.  I’m not a laundrophile.

And in fact, when the World Serious starts on Wednesday night, I will be solidly behind the Detroit Tigers anyway (after rooting for the Yankees whose epic cratering will dominate the hot stove league right into spring training 2013).  Jim Leyland, who you may recall served time with the Marlins and took them to a championship, is in my opinion the finest day-of-game manager in the business, and I genuinely like many of the Tigers this year, starting with triple crown winner Miguel Cabrera.

A good Series will go a long way towards blotting out the sickening sound and scent of political campaigning.  Hey — Let’s play two!

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