Stupid Assholes

Log Cabin Republicans, the largest GOP group representing LGBT interests, has (sic) endorsed Mitt Romney for president despite his opposition to gay marriage. “It is clear that in today’s economic climate, concern for the future of our country must be the highest priority,” says the group’s executive director. “On issues of particular concern to the LGBT community, we believe Governor Romney will move the ball forward compared to past Republican presidents.” The full endorsement notes that the group’s support comes with qualifications, and only after much consideration and discussion. Even so, “Mitt Romney is not Rick Santorum, and Paul Ryan is not Michele Bachmann. Otherwise, our decision would have been different.”  —Newser

Leaving aside the obvious bad jokes about moving the ball forward, this endorsement by the Log Waving Republicans is downright inspirational.

It really puts to shame African Americans’ historic opposition to slavery, for example.  Had the small number of pre-Civil War free Black Americans gone on record as favoring candidates who supported slavery because “in today’s economic climate, concern for the future of our country must be the highest priority,” why, there still might be plantations filled with slaves today — each counting for 3/5 of a human American!

And had American Jews risen as a group to condemn this nation’s interference with Germany’s internal affairs,  which featured genocide for Jews (as well as  gypsies, gays, Catholics, redheads, and left-handers), the Third Reich would still be running the show, and the population free of such pesky inconveniences as starving third worlders spoiling the view and taxing the human services network (such as it is).

As for the ladies. certainly if they exhibited anything like principled concern for the state of the nation’s finances, they’d line up behind the Mittney/Munster ticket, setting aside their petty concerns for control over their own health and bodies.  Rape shmape.  We have an economy to tend to!

So I applaud the selfless, far-sighted position staked out by the Log Stabbin’ Republicans, and lament that the rest of America has not yet ascended to the level of nationalism their principled stance reflects.

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3 Responses to Stupid Assholes

  1. julesagray says:

    I had no idea the LCR had any say about anything anymore. Huh. Learn something new everyday I guess.

  2. Flaming Yon says:

    @julesagray: You were right: they have nothing to say any more. Assuming they ever did.

  3. Ted Williams' Head says:

    Redheads? The Nazis killed redheads? What’s the deal — they’re mutants or something? Inquiring (and detached) minds want to know.

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