White People Make Me Blush

Ridin’ in my car / Smokin’ my cigar

Only time I’m happy’s when I’m playin’ my guitar

Anybody know the next line?  And can you spell/pronounce the title of the song?

Once in a while I’m ridin’ in my car in the late afternoon when I switch on this funny fellow on 850 AM named Barsky.  Turns out Barsky and I share roots: he was on FM radio in Philadelphia when I was up there listening all the time —  trust me when I tell you that FM radio was a big deal for music lovers back in the 60s and 70s; its decline into auditory shit prepared me for what has happened to newspapers — but Barsky was big on stations to which I mostly avoided.

Now he does this stream-of-consciousness act on a talk station that features small town wingnut imbeciles like Joyce Kaufman.  It’s hard to get a sense of his own politics, though.  I get the idea he prefers to avoid serious political talk anyway, and leans toward poking fun at the absurd, of which in this election cycle there’s been no shortage.

I catch him the day John Sununu of New Hampshire stuck his foot in his pie hole with that ignorant remark about Colin Powell’ s endorsement of BHO.  If you missed it, Sununu’s take is that ‘Pub Powell goes with ‘Crat Obama because they’re both Black.  End of story.

I bet lots of white people nod their heads in agreement when they hear this.  I understand completely:  when it comes to the way Black people go about their business, white people are utterly clueless.  White people simply don’t get it, and by and large, never will.

Barsky wandered — make that “charged” — right into it.  “Obama isn’t even Black,” he declared.  “How come nobody remembers his white mother?  Doesn’t that count for anything?”

You moron.  You fucked-in-the-head ignorant cockbite dickhead you.  Can you make it worse?

“And how about Powell?  Look at him.  You can’t tell me that Colin Powell’s immediate heritage didn’t include a lot of white people.  What makes him a spokesman for Black people?”

Oh, Barsky.  Oh, white America.

It’s hardly worth explaining, but the long and short of it is, in this country, with its long and tortured history of race relations, Black people come in lots of shades and vintages, and when all is said and done, the determining factor is what each Black person embraces as his or her own.  There is something seriously wrong with anybody who sees this President, with his genetic structure and the  lifestyle and culture he embraces, as anything other than an African-American.  As soon as somebody — anybody — says, “Yes but he’s half white!” — you know you can stop listening.  They’re at best clueless, and at worst total racists.

You might argue that he’s not “Black enough,” but that’s a separate issue.

I’m terribly disappointed in Barsky, although as a white person myself (more or less) , I understand why he’s as clueless as he sounded.   Furthermore, I can attribute his fuckhead remarks to pandering to his drooling conservative audience and sponsors.  A man has to eat.  Unless he drinks.

Say–there’s an idea.

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12 Responses to White People Make Me Blush

  1. julesagray says:

    what does ‘black enough’ even mean?
    Sununu=choad of the year.

  2. Anonymous says:

    You’re white???? I had no idea. Oh that’s right, you can’t shuck and jive at the same time. Me, I don’t see ‘race’

    • Kim Chee says:

      “Me, I don’t see ‘race.'”

      –This is something white people say all the time. In my culture, it is known as a “lie.”

  3. Frank of Oregon says:

    Those of my friends who are biracial — or “half black” as I usually hear them referred to by others — think of themselves as black. In so doing, they mirror the way American society at large regards them. I know one man whose mother was Asian and father was black. He’s black. Not “half black” or half anything, unlike your friend Barsky, who I’d say is just half-assed..

  4. Ruh Roh says:

    The song is SWLABR by Cream. It was the B side of Sunshine of Your Love. I just learned that the initiaqls stand for She Was Like A Bearded Rainbow, something I never heard before.

  5. Slow Hand's Slow Drip says:

    Ah, Herman on The Marconi Experiment @ 93.3 on your FM dial.

    Non Specific Urethritis

    • Ed Sciaki says:

      Herman was a latecomer.

    • Ed Sciaki says:

      “In the fall of 1967 thru the spring of 1968, Ed co-hosted a program called “The Golden Years of Radio,” carried over WXUR & WXUR-FM in Media..”

      But we were really doing our things about the same time. Herman was down the shore before MMR grabbed him. The guy out in front of uis both was Gene Shay.

      BTW — I’m dead. Massive heart attack in 04.

      • King Biscuit says:

        Holy reel to reel! Thanks for the link, Squat is that you?

        Did Dave Herman do a show from Tony Mart’s?


        BTW, Oda Mae Brown admires your channeling very much.

      • Michael Tearson says:

        Sure it’s me. Who are you?

        Ironic we’re having this dialog as Somers Point and the rest of South Jersey takes a historic hit that might well wipe out every single one of these places, along with miles and mile of beaches.

        I didn’t make the scene at Tony Mart, Bay Shores, Dunes ‘Til Dawn, etc., until the early 70s. I got to Ziggy’s, though, before it became a fuckin diner.

        Smitty’s was the fixed point in the midst of the huge changes that seaside town went through. Remember their Anchorage Special? A horrible pressed-meat sandwich with hot peppers and mayo. Or you could wander over to the Anchorage itself, where the specials were drunken half-naked 15 year old girls looking for parties and places to stay for the night..

        All of a sudden my crotch itches.

  6. Lois Terms says:

    If all human life began in Africa, as I believe anthrpologists tell us, then all human beings are in a genuine sense Africans, and every American is in fact an African-American.

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