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Definitely Not Armed

Holiday, Florida – Surveillance video is being released in the case of a naked man who attacked a clerk at a 7-Eleven and later led deputies on a car chase. Pasco deputies say a man matching 30-year-old Abraham Andres Luna’s description was … Continue reading

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Castro in a Baseball Cap?

Amazing — something an overwhelming number of South Floridians actually agree on. A survey of 400 South Florida Major League Baseball fans, 90% of them self-described Marlins fans, found that the Marlins organization — [team owner Jeff] Loria, in particular … Continue reading

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Learned Behavior

Back when I attended high school in the 19th century, if you got caught carrying Cliff’s Notes, you failed the test.  Forget about weapons or drugs — there was a Zero Toleration Policy when it came to Cliff’s Notes.  It … Continue reading

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Urban Dirt Nap

A forester working for New York City’s parks department made a horrifying discovery last week, beside a huge pile of fallen trees destined for the wood chipper. A dead man. And with that discovery on Nov. 15, add this to … Continue reading

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Leftovers, Anyone?

This time of year, one hears tales of people who overdose on turkey and seek alternatives. Frederick Hengl, a 68-year-old California man, pleaded not guilty Wednesday to decapitating his wife and cooking her body parts on the stove at their … Continue reading

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Going Ape

Guido informs me that this is the year I blew my own cover.  Limited by the cast on her arm, she directed me through the many stages of cleaning, slicing, cooking, serving, etc. that go into preparing the house and … Continue reading

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I want it on the record that this cold November weather blows donk.  I mowed the lawn between noon and 2 PM on Monday and didn’t so much as break a sweat.  Bright sun but cool temperatures, no humidity, and … Continue reading

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