Yew Ess Em Cee

This is one of those stories that helps Florida and its residents distinguish itself nationally.

As if getting dolled up in a pink tutu for Halloween isn’t bad enough, a Marine is in big trouble after he allegedly attacked a paralyzed Army veteran he thought was using a wheelchair as a Halloween prop.

Christopher Dabney, 22, is facing charges of abusing a disabled adult after hitting Dan Priotti, 35, twice in the head at a Gainesville, Fla., restaurant, Fox News reported.

Priotti told police he was approached by another man while he was trying to order his food, saying the man yelled at him that he was faking his injuries.  “He swung, slapped me, and I backed up and he missed. And he came at me like this, and put me right back, and I whacked my head on the concrete floor. I remember just seeing a guy in a pink tutu. I don’t remember saying anything to him. I literally lost 10 minutes.”   —

There are any number of questions that should occur to even a mildly curious soul — like, Why does a guy who dresses up in a pink tutu think it’s sensible to start a fight, let alone with a cripple? —  but let’s approach this as Floridians.

Which is — why wasn’t the wheelchair bound Marine armed?

Had Priotti been properly armed, as any private citizen exercising his sacred 2nd Amendment rights should have been (especially a Marine), when Dabney approached him with potentially deadly intent he would have been legally entitled to shoot the fucker dead.

It would have been precedent-setting!  The first Floridian incapable of standing erect exercises his rights under our advanced “Stand Your Ground” law.  He stood it alright — while sitting!

But sadly, that’s not the way it played out.

You’d think that before Dabney starting throwing down he might have offered his quarry to stand up for a fair one, but such conduct, I suppose, is hopelessly quaint in this day and age when any asshole with an attitude is entitled to take offense.  Even if that asshole is attired in a pink tutu.

Priotti said he’s recovering, but he doesn’t want Dabney to go to jail.  “    They should make a mockery out of him, put him in his pink tutu and put him up and down University Avenue and 13th Street, right in front of the school, with a sign that says, ‘I beat up people in wheelchairs, veterans in wheelchairs,’ something like that.”

Sounds about right.  Although I recommend waiting until after Tuesday.  Given the political climate right now, lots of Floridians would probably want to know his name so they could vote for him.

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6 Responses to Yew Ess Em Cee

  1. Hose B says:

    “They should make a mockery out of him?” I think he did that himself when he put on that tutu.

  2. The Review of Cuban-American Blogs, which suspended publication four years ago upon the election of Barack Obama, has ended its hiatus to endorse Willard “Mitt” Romney for president.

    • Squathole says:

      Welcome back, Manny! I disagree with your choice, of course, but it’s great to see you up and about and slamming heads into walls.

  3. Steve:

    It wasn’t easy. At times I considered endorsing the wall. During the 2008 presidential primaries, the two candidates that I attacked the most were Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. In the end, the last four years tipped the scales in Romney’s favor. Romney is a closetted liberal like Charlie Christ. I believe that in the next four years you will be far more pleased with his performance than I will.

  4. Hose B says:

    @Manuel So you’re back! Welcome. I was another one disappointed when you picked up your marbles and went home. I figure, if you’re that worried and upset, why not at least tilt at the windmill?
    So I went back and looked at your post which included these concerns:

    Obama will float the regime a loan so that it can pay pennies on the dollar for the properties it confiscated and nationalized before Obama was born, receiving in return clear title to them, which will enable it to sell those same properties at market value to a new generation of greedy and ignorant American investors, who will pour billions into the island with the assurance that the U.S. government will bail them out when the regime decides again that seizing American assets is more beneficial than trading with the enemy.

    Obama, besides acting on his ideological affinities with Castro, hopes to score a cheap coup de theatre by renewing relations with Communist Cuba, which the media are sure to represent as the greatest diplomatic feat in history, surpassing the opening of Japan by Perry or of China by either Marco Polo or Nixon. American businessmen, industrialists and agronomists, who have spent 8 years drooling about the prospects of trade with Cuba as Bush dangled that putrid carrot before them, will trample one another like elephants even before they reach the cliff.

    None of this even remotely came to pass. Like the rest of the conservative chattering classes, you so missed the target when you sized up Obama the candidate. When it wasn’t overtly racist, it was all hysteria and fear-mongering. It didn’t work then, and it won’t work tomorrow.

    Welcome back anyway.

  5. All that I said will come to past in Obama’s second administration (if there is one). I takes two to rumba, and Dinosaur 1 and Dinosaur 2 were not yet ready to dance. Nor was there any reason for them to: Obama gave them everything they wanted without exacting anything in return. The tyranny remains in place unchanged and is now being underwritten by U.S. tourism and remittances. Nothing sweeter for the Castro brothers than to be able to continue to wax wroth about the “Yanquis” while charging them $US20 for a mojito.

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