Amazing Grace Notes

Hey — it’s been a busy week for a change.  The highlight is Wednesday 12/12, when we perform 3 songs on stage at the Miramar Cultural Center for the city’s Xmas party, or whatever politically correct celebration they call it.  Song list:

Beds Are Burning  (Midnight Oil)

Can’t You See  (Marshall Tucker Band)

The Way  (Fastball)

Sound check is always sobering.  There’s no hiding the sloppy fingering, forgotten lyrics, or missed downbeat.  The sound system is exceptional, and there are nasty bright lights that reveal embarrassing stains in the vicinity of the protrusions on one’s trousers.

IMG_20121209_101816We’re the second band scheduled, should go on about 5:15.   If you want to see us, tell security you’re my cousin or nephew or niece or something.  (Grandchildren need not apply: my beautiful 1967 double-pick-up Guild Starfire bass is older than they are.)   Being your own bottles to pass down to the stage.

Unrelated: Guido’s hard at work preparing for her return following recovery from a broken arm to the business of massage and fitness training.. Here’s one of her texts.  Not the name of the co-author of a volume on Strength Ball training: Peter Twist.  Seriously?

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2 Responses to Amazing Grace Notes

  1. Old Timer says:

    “Here’s one of her texts.”

    Ha HA! By ‘texts’ you mean ‘textbooks’ not “text messages!’ You are really old.

  2. Joe Balls says:

    Nice to see somebody remembers Marshall Tucker. Who in your band plays skin flute?

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