Put Your Money Where Your Whip Was

On my blogroll you’ll see a link to the excellent “Letters of Note,” which I look at every few days.  A recent entry is the “Best of 2012” which included the post, “To My Old Master,” which I highly recommend for its poignant wit.  It contains a few elements I think I’ll incorporate next time I leave my job — assuming I ever have another job to leave.

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5 Responses to Put Your Money Where Your Whip Was

  1. Ted Larsen says:

    Magnificent. it been a long time since I read an eloquent, “stick it up your ass letter.”

  2. 'Nonymous says:

    So you suppose this is a genuine letter, not a script by some Hollywood screenwriter to delight guilty self-loathing white liberals (like you)? You think it’s likely that a slave owner actually wrote a letter to his former property? Only in the movies and in your guilty dreams.

    • Ted larsen says:

      The New Your Tribune published it in 1886.

      And if you believe Wiki.

      Poor Col. Anderson
      Colonel Anderson, having failed to attract his former slaves back, sold the land for a pittance to try to get out of debt.[4] Two years later he was dead at the age of 44

    • Kim Chee says:

      Do some research, ‘nonymous, as I did, and then get back to us with your thinly veiled racist sneers. Does it upset your view of the world that a former slave could have been this insightful and articulate, let alone modern in message? This says more about yourself than about “self loathing guilty white liberals.”

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