Feel Like Dusting Off the Monroe Doctrine?

Evidently there’s trouble stirring between Great Britain and Argentina again over the islands the Brits call The Falklands and the Argentines refer to as Malvinas.  Between the southern tip of South America and Antarctica, the tiny rock’s population has more sheep than humans, similar to the Tea Party in this country.

LONDON — More than 30 years after Argentina’s unsuccessful invasion of the Falkland Islands, a fresh war of words has broken out over the sovereignty of the British territory, a rocky archipelago about 8,000 miles from London but harboring outsize importance to both countries.

falklands_sheep_ship_sea_flag_crest_postcard-p239174921121740160baanr_400The latest bout of controversy erupted after Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner issued a scathing letter to British Prime Minister David Cameron, which also ran as an open note to the British public Thursday in London’s Guardian newspaper. She demanded negotiations to hand over the islands, insisting that Britain was in violation of a 1960 U.N. resolution seeking to “end colonialism in all its forms and manifestations.”

The latest exchanges underscore the extent to which the sparsely populated islands, which cost the lives of more than 900 people in the 1982 Falklands War, remains a hot-button issue on both sides of the Atlantic.  — Washington Post

Thirty years ago President Alzheimer unsuccessfully tried to dissuade Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher from sending warships, irking the Iron Lady no end.  The Brits were particularly unhappy with Jeanne Kilpatrick, the American delegate to the UN, who sided with the Falklands’ claim of sovereignty.  This inspired a diplomatic cable from Britain’s Washington ambassador, Sir Nicholas Henderson, just-released:

The cable described Ms. Kirkpatrick, a former Georgetown University professor, as “more fool than fascist” for her support of Argentina’s military dictatorship, and added, “She appears to be one of America’s most reliable own-goal scorers: tactless, wrong-headed, ineffective and a dubious tribute to the academic profession.”   — NYTimes

Aah, that “special Anglo-American relationship” again.

The Brit position is, Let The People Decide.  What do the residents of the island prefer — rule by Britannia or Argentina?  The Argies descry this position on the grounds that years ago, the Brits expelled the majority of the South American residents in an aggressive, illegal offensive.

In an informal poll I conducted over the weekend at a private party and in a raucous sports bar, the general consensus was, Nobody gives a shit, not even the lamb chops, who might have had some skin in this game.

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    Wow! This is important!

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