The Cover Up

917222-0-20130113125115The Vatican is doubling down on its anti-gay marriage stance, which today had the unlikely result of a group of women ripping their shirts off as Pope Benedict gave his Sunday address, reports Reuters. Four members of the Ukrainian Femen group screamed “homophobes, shut up!” and shed their shirts to reveal slogans including “In Gay We Trust,” but were quickly carted away by police.

The Pope didn’t appear to notice.– Newser

No, I bet he didn’t.  The photographers sure did.  Notice how the cops bravely deployed hands-on maneuvers to detain the protesters — no doubt their intent was to spare us the sight of those naked bouncing bubs.  Nice work if you can get it.

Meanwhile, in Paris, hundreds of thousands of citizens rallied to protest President Francois Hollande’s plan to legalize gay marriage.

Hollande promised during his campaign last year to give full marriage rights to same-sex couples. But the “marriage for all” bill has been met with stronger-than-expected opposition, especially in rural areas.

Demonstrators from across Europe converged on the Eiffel Tower in Paris Sunday to protest against the French government’s plans to legalize gay marriage by June.  Organizers claimed 800,000 people were in attendance for the rally, while police put the number at 340,000.

Protest organizers have said they are not against gays and lesbians, but for traditional marriage. They say they only allowed approved posters and banners to be displayed, with slogans that include “marriageophile, not homophobe,” “testicles don’t have eggs,” “all born of a father and mother” and “paternity, maternity, and quality.” —

Testicles don’t have eggs.”  I bet that sounds better in French.

From where I sit, it appears to me the world is very confused and conflicted about this issue, which shouldn’t be an issue at all.  Marriage is a legal institution that serves many cultures and societies quite well.  Ask any woman (heh heh just joking, dear.)  Homosexuality is as natural a phenomenon in the animal animals as left-handedness among humans.  Why can’t we make this work?  Who’s harmed by same-sex marriages?

It’s nice to see the French turn out in force for something other than surrendering, though.

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5 Responses to The Cover Up

  1. The Cunning Linguist says:

    Better in Franch? You be! Pass the Hollandaise please
    Testicules n’ont pas les oeufs

  2. The Cunning Linguist says:

    Sorry, I made a tyop
    You bet!

  3. Flaming Yon says:

    The Pope didn’t appear to notice.

    Why would he notice a few bare boobs in front of his face when he didn’t notice a worldwide pedophilia ring all around him?

  4. Neil, a Christian Soul says:

    The French are a Catholic nation who understand that we humans are but poor sinners, one of which is homosexuality for which we should not be punished, but prayed for and (ideally) delivered from by the Grace of God and our own free will. Conferring a legal blessing on same-sex marriage is exactly the wrong way to seek salvation for sinners who need it most. This explains their strong turnout to protest their President’s ill-conceived plan. Perhaps their strong showing and prayers will save a few souls, including yours, for which I will pray as well, but I fear from your comments here and elsewhere you’re headed for hell.

  5. You May Call Me Pierre says:

    It just would not be complete without a snide “surrender” reference, would it. But leaving this aside, the general feeling toward same-sex marriage in France is very much the same attitude toward most things, which is that urbane Parisians view the world quite differently than the rural peasants in the lands that surround it. Among Parisians, there is little opposition to Hollande’s proposal, and frankly, it is exclusively their voices worth listening to.

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