Arms and The Man

planet terror_leg gunIt’s like All Gunnies All The Time these days.  Gunnies in the Morning, Gunnies in the Evening, Gunnies at Supper Time.  24/7 Gunnies.

When they’re not lined up at gun stores and gun shows to spend their milk money on additional arms and ammo (because that Muslim Socialist is gonna send his black-booted thugs to confiscate our weapons  in the middle of the night like Hitler and Stalin — and did you notice that he’s Black?), they’re calling him a hypocrite because the Secret Service watches his kids at school, while at the same time he and his dickless librul allies are dead-set against arming teachers, janitors, and fifth graders.

Okay, I exaggerate.  A little.

Say –if the plan is to confiscate your weapons, why are you buying more?

As a group, these gunnies are more repulsive than foodies.  And while we all have to eat, the Bill of Rights is silent on well-filled bellies.  Stupid Founding Fathers!

But back to this business about hypocrisy.  I’m reading about how the only protection against bad guys with guns is good guys with guns, so what we need is more and more weapons spread around.  I’m gonna guess that the better trained those carriers of arms are, the safer the environment.

And yet, if this guy is to be believed, that axiom doesn’t apply to  the best trained troops and the highest American authorities:

[A] little research reveals that the policy of disarming the military and police in the Presence of the Leader of the Free World goes back to Republican days. The Naval cadets have been unable to carry a blade in the same room as their Commander-in-Chief since Bush II and 9/11 (according to the public affairs officer who scrambled to protect the reputation of the current incumbent). Was Bush II was afraid a mission might have been accomplished?

Bush I (and Ronald Reagan) ensured that soldiers and Marines at photo ops generally have the firing pins removed from their rifles. A member of the Rapid Deployment Force and the 82nd ABN told me that when Reagan came to observe a demonstration all the firing pins were confiscated. Then, not satisfied with this, plastic ties were attached to keep the bolts from closing.

Evidently one size doesn’t fit all.  Maybe guns make sense in your desk drawer and rifle cabinet — maybe — but not in church, establishments that serve alcohol, courtrooms, campuses, and Miami stadiums when Nick Saban coaches.  I mean, red flags are fun to wave, but not when there’s a raging bull in your headlights.

I can resist everything but temptation.” — Oscar Wilde

Sorry if I’m being reasonable.  But I’ve never  concerned myself much with fashion.

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4 Responses to Arms and The Man

  1. Joe Balls says:

    ?? — photo and title.
    That’s not a man. And those aren’t her arms.

  2. Nobody says:

    This is interesting, insightful, and sure to change a lot of people’s attitudes about the astounding level of hypocisy gun advocates display every time they open their mouths.

  3. Hugh Bris says:

    Yeah, well I bet if Jesus and his Apostles had been armed, he’d still be walking on water today!

  4. Diesel Fitter says:

    Waddyamean there’s no Constitutional right to food? “Life Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happy Meals” is written right there in the Declaration of Emancipation. Page One.

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