The-Cornhole-Nation-logoSuperBowl weekend.  Let the festivities begin.  Just so long as we don’t allow that silly little football game to interfere.

Speaking of distractions, here’s one that probably troubles a whole lot of San Francisco fans as their team readies itself for the game:

During an interview Tuesday at the Superdome, [San Francisco cornerback Chris] Culliver responded to questions from comedian Artie Lange by saying he wouldn’t welcome a gay player in the locker room. He also said the 49ers didn’t have any homosexual players and that if they did, those players should leave.  —

He apologized a day later.

Ironically, this report hit the headlines a few days after the Baltimore Ravens casually informed the world via the New York Times that their locker room is the scene of widespread, casual gay sexual encounters, and in fact, that’s how they prepare themselves mentally for the Big Game:

With a long week ahead of them before the Super Bowl on Sunday, [Ravens] players and staff went to great lengths to include everything they considered most important, everything vital to their performance…..So it was a given that their four cornhole boards, which occupied a central piece of real estate in the locker room at their training facility this season, were coming with them….. “I think it’s fair to say that it’s been a secret to our success,” said Morgan Cox, the team’s long snapper.

Heh.  Snide on the side:  “Long snapper.”  Heh.

The Ravens have bonded over cornhole, [punter Sam] Koch said. An N.F.L. locker room can be an isolating place, with offensive and defensive players seldom interacting.  But inside the Ravens’ locker room, cornhole has been a unifying force.  “When you pick up a bag and start playing, you have an instant reason to talk to guys and build relationships,” Koch said.

cornhole-certFigures that a man named Koch would be into cornhole.  In fact, Sam Koch is a member (sorry) of the American Cornhole Organization, the sport’s governing body.  There are strict rules and regulations, protocols, and tournaments nationwide, especially in the Midwest where the sport began.  Evidently he’s not alone in taking his cornholing seriously.

The Ravens began cornholing in 2010, when defensive end Cory Redding introduced the team to the game’s finer points. (Redding, who now plays for the Indianapolis Colts, is also a member of the A.C.O.) It did not take long for cornhole to catch on. The players found that it was an easy way to unwind after practices and pass the time between meetings.

Yeah, you caught that, too. “Defensive End.”  Big cornhole enthusiast.

So while the cornholing Ravens come off sounding a lot more relaxed and open-minded, at least one guy on the 49ers, alas, sounds like an asshole.

Enjoy the game!

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2 Responses to Score!

  1. Private Partz says:

    Okay but at least they’re just cornholing each other, not the reputation of the entire sport. You get what I’m saying, Dan Marino?

  2. Flaming Yon says:

    They played pretty damn well for a pack of cornholers, ya think?

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