To The Dogs

subDOG-refer-articleLargeBanana Joe, a black dog with a monkeylike face, became the first affenpinscher to win Best in Show at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show on Tuesday night. He defeated six dogs, one a Portuguese water dog on the same night that Bo, who is the same breed, watched his master, President Obama, deliver the State of the Union address…..

Joey sat calmly, as if he could have gone back onto the floor of Madison Square Garden and taken on his challengers again. He stuck his tongue out as Lara answered questions. He didn’t appear to need any celebratory drinks or snacks.   — NYTimes

In a related development, Florida Senator Marco Rubio was awarded Best of Breed among GOP Congresscritters for his measured rebuttal to the President’s State of the Union speech yesterday:

rubio13n-3Marco Rubio, a babyfaced Cuban-American, became the first Latin-American in ‘Pub history to win Best of Breed among the party of Old White Men.  For his performance, he was awarded a small plastic statue in his own likeness, commemorating both his vanity and sincerity.

Speaking in English and Spanish, Marquetino conducted himself beautifully, as always, so as not to upset too many of the rabid ‘Pub base that has dominated the party’s significant racist/immigrant-bashing/English-only platform over the last several elections.  While he did not stick out his tongue, he did require a tiny sip of water “but not because of any alleged global climate change.”

On the bright side, he did a whole lot better than Bobby Jindahl four years ago.  Then again, so did Banana Joe.

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2 Responses to To The Dogs

  1. 'Nonymous says:

    And of course you’d have us believe that your disrespect for him has nothing to do with the fact tha he’s Cuban, right? Because only conservative Republicans can be racists and bigots.

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