Sequester Me This

1361353529286.cachedAll this week I’ve been wondering just why it is ‘Pubs are trying to blame Sequestration on BHO and the ‘Crats when they ought to not only embrace it, but brag on getting it done.   Isn’t it everything they’ve ever wanted?

Since the days of President Alzheimer, they’ve loudly proclaimed that government is fat, bloated, wasteful, and evil, and needs to be shrunk down so, as Grover Norquist famously put it, “It could be drowned in a bathtub.”

Isn’t this exactly what the secastration promises to start doing?

I see why the ‘Crats are unhappy — they LOVES them their governments, right?  But why the ‘Pubs?

Besides, it’s all for a good cause: reducing the deficit, which is as we all know, the single most serious problem America faces.  True, it will stymie progress made toward reducing unemployment and rebuilding the economy, but as we’ve seen in Ireland, Greece, Spain, Italy, and Great Britain, the only way to get the economy back on track is austerity-like deficit reduction policies.  That’s why those nations, some of which in the 3rd year of austerity, are doing so well, and the European economy is booming.

So I just can’t see why the John Boner and the ‘Pubs are fighting decastration so bitterly.  It can’t be for just self-serving political reasons, can it?  I mean, they really are concerned about it for the good of the country, and for you and me, as always.  Even though it’s exactly what they say would be best for us.

Oh, look:

Speaker John A. Boehner, the man who spent significant portions of the last Congress shuttling to and from the White House for fiscal talks with President Obama that ultimately failed twice to produce a grand bargain, has come around to the idea that the best negotiations are no negotiations.

As the president and Congressional Democrats have tried to force Mr. Boehner back to the table for talks to head off the automatic budget cuts set to take effect on Friday, Mr. Boehner has instead dug in deeper, refusing to even discuss an increase in revenue and insisting in his typical colorful language that it was time for the Senate to produce a measure aimed at the cuts.

“The revenue issue is now closed,” Mr. Boehner said Thursday, before the House left town for the weekend without acting on the cuts and a Senate attempt to avert them died. — NYTimes

Attaboy.  In fact, it was your idea all the time, right?  And it’s a GOOD one!  Now the world makes sense again.

PS  To any one of the 3,148 readers who visited this post over the last 24 hours: Why?  I’m not complaining — anything but.  I just want to know why the sudden surge of interest.  Term papers due?

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4 Responses to Sequester Me This

  1. Beardsley says:

    I’ve wondered the same thing all along. To date, each side has blamed the other for coming up with the idea, in fact, a White House aide created a big stink when he “threatened” Washington reporter Carl Bernstein about his claim that Obama launched the idea. Now the race is on for Repubs to spin it the other way and take credit for getting something done that they’ve wanted for years. (They’ll come up with something plausible, I’m sure, about why they didn’t do it when they owned both the WH and Congress under Dubbya.) As for yesterday’s finger pointing at the ‘Crats……..”Never Mind!”

  2. Dawgbowl says:

    Yep! Good call:

    Representative Jim Jordan, Republican of Ohio, said that on the whole, he thought the spending cuts were a welcome development for which Mr. Boehner deserves credit. “If, in fact, we’re going to scale back discretionary spending by $85 billion, tell me when that’s ever happened before,” Mr. Jordan said. “Certainly not in the time I’ve been in Congress. So even though we’d have preferred it be done a little different and we’re open to flexibility, we want that savings, and we’re going to achieve it.”

    So overnight, “Obamasequester” became “Boehnersequester.”

  3. Stan Garde says:

    Total lack of leadership. They can’t even do *nothing* right.

  4. Ruh Roh says:

    Did you see Noelle Nikpour’s Op-Ed in Sunday’s Scum Sentinel?,0,7790665.column
    Short version: The meat-cleaver approach of the sequestration is just what the country needs. And at the same time they’re cheering it on as a great idea, they’re blaming Obama for it. Unbelievable.

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