Clean Up in Aisle 1

Here we go again.

A former state trooper killed his estranged wife with a shotgun inside a central Pennsylvania supermarket Thursday and then killed himself, days after she filed for divorce and two months after he was accused of beating her, police said.

Mark R. Miscavish, who retired from the state police in 2011 after 15 years, killed Traci A. Miscavish at the County Market in Philipsburg, authorities said.  — abcnews

MaxPayne3-Wallpaper-1920x1080-yuiphone-Clean-up-on-aisle-1-1024x576Yet another tragic incident of a private citizen whose reckless behavior and refusal to look out for her own best interests cost her her life.  How is it possible that she left herself unprepared for this inevitable attack?  Why wasn’t she carrying a weapon at all times?

Why didn’t she take full advantage of the Founding Fathers’ wisdom when they enacted the enshrined the right to bear arms in the Second Amendment ?  It’s not like she didn’t have fair warning:

Traci Miscavish believed her husband had been abusing prescription drugs and when she went to take them away, he wrestled her to the ground, pinned her arms behind her and attempted to bind her with duct tape, said Parks Miller, whose office was prosecuting him.

He pulled out a gun — a police affidavit said he did not point it at her — and threatened to kill her, but a passer-by saw him trying to drag her back into the home and stopped to help, Parks Miller said. He was charged with simple assault, terroristic threats and harassment and spent a week in jail before being bailed out.

Parks Miller said Traci Miscavish lived in fear of her 51-year-old estranged husband and told prosecutors she believed he would harm her further….She said, ‘The next time I see him is going to be at the end of a gun,'” Parks Miller told The Associated Press. “We were very concerned when he got out and we’re just devastated now.”

So –I repeat.  Where was her gun?  Surely she didn’t expect that her husband the ex-cop with a history of criminal intimidation, violence, and domestic abuse that lead to imprisonment, and a suspicion of unstable behavior linked to the abuse of prescription drugs should have had his guns confiscated, did she?  What kind of pinko/fascist/libturd country would this be if we allowed the government to walk all over a mentally unstable domestic abuser’s constitutional right to arm himself?

Think it through — if you confiscate his guns just because he might have threatened to kill his wife, how is he going to exercise his constitutional right to shoot squirrels and take target practice?  Besides, even if you did, it would be a simple matter of strolling into any one of the 2,039 Federally licensed arms dealers in Pennsyltucky, an enlightened state where 99.7% of the population lives with 10 miles of a gun store, and getting another one.  Or two.  Or 10.  Collect the whole set!

Nobody ever said freedom comes cheap , and we all accept that in the struggle to uphold our own, we’ll suffer collateral damage like the occasional murdered innocent woman at the hands of a violently unhinged estranged spouse.  Sure it’s a tragedy, and we mourn the loss of life.  But can’t we agree that any perceived threat to the sanctity of the 2nd Amendment’s protection of our right to bear arms would be much, much worse?

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7 Responses to Clean Up in Aisle 1

  1. Jeff Hansen says:

    Larry Hisle never owned a gun yet had lots of firepower for a couple of years but in Milwaukee not Philadelphia

  2. Aisle B. There says:

    I really hate puns.

  3. Wayne's World says:

    You would feel so much better if you just concentrated on how many guns have saved lives. Then this little bump in the road named Traci wouldn’t bother you so much. She’s just one person, after all.

    • Dawgbowl says:

      Oh, this is about guns, WW? I thought it was about spineless legislators who don’t stand up to the NRA when it comes to protecting citizens from armed crazies. The slippery slope, you know.

  4. Diesel Fitter says:

    “…he wrestled her to the ground, pinned her arms behind her and attempted to bind her with duct tape…”

    Wow! Usually for that kind of treatment you need to pay somebody. Lucky girl.

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