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Trophoblast Inclusions

Had your breakfast yet? [A] new study raises the possibility that analyzing the placenta after birth may provide clues to a child’s risk for developing autism. The study, which analyzed placentas from 217 births, found that in families at high … Continue reading

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Sold Above the Fold?

In the print edition of today’s Miami Hurled you can find a puff piece by H.T. Smith and Jorge Arrizureta praising the proposed Sun Life Stadium deal, and urging the community to vote (should this issue ever make the ballot). … Continue reading

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George W. Bush Library Opens

Autographed copies of My Pet Goat were on sale at $25 each! Proceeds donated to the Preseve and Protect the  Second Amendment Foundation of Texas.

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Riddle Me This

It’s a while since I’m back to the Liquor and Rubber Balls Sports Emporium and Kosher Certification Services to see the crowd and watch a game — almost as long as the time since the Marlins scored a run, let … Continue reading

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Horny Calimari

SOUTH KOREA – A woman’s mouth was reportedly inseminated by a piece of squid she was eating. According to the Journal of Parasitology, a type of squid called a todarodes pacificus stung the interior of a 63-year-old woman’s mouth when she … Continue reading

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Feverishly Making Money

Here’s the formula for the success of the American health care business model. Hospitals make money from their own mistakes because insurers pay them for the longer stays and extra care that patients need to treat surgical complications that could … Continue reading

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Earth Day Celebration Features “Old Music” and Decrepit Musicians

We’ll be playing from 2 -4 at Marando Farms on Sunday.  Come see us, and this time say Hello when you do!  Free autographs.  Czechs accepted. Marando Farms 1401 SW First Avenue Fort Lauderdale  (954) 713-6441

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