The Runs End Badly

ap_boston_marathon_scene_kb_130415_wblogMy neighbors across the street compete in marathons and other similar events all over the world.  Both athletes — he’s a Miami Beach lifeguard, she’s a critical care nurse.  They’ve participated in the Boston Marathon for years.  They were there this year as well.  Turns out, according to the Miami Hurled, they’re okay. 

That’s good, because in this suburban neighborhood, we don’t even need the parking spaces.

What amazes me most is the instant-analysis — all ridiculously speculative and agenda-building — that the media foisted on the public.  Naturally, Muslim terrorists were mentioned early, as well as “right-wing hate groups.”  All this without a shred of evidence.  E.g., the New York tabloids reported that the Boston police had a suspect “of Saudi descent” in isolation at an area hospital, which was denied an hour later.

If I were in charge, I would investigate the following:

  • Disgruntled taxpayers.  It’s April 15!
  • Bitter, overworked IRS agents.  See above.  Besides, why should postal workers have all the fun?
  • Lance Armstrong.  Jealous druggie is washed up and disgraced, and the Boston Marathon rules.
  • Yankees fans.  Say no more.

But at this writing, nobody knows.  So unlike the media, stuff your biases back up your ass and wait for the facts.  Meanwhile, there are corpses and (former) runner with their legs blown off.  Blood and bones everywhere, according to the NY Times.

I’m looking forward to hearing the inside, eyewitness story when my neighbors arrive home this week.  But give them credit for keeping a sense of humor.  He texted me that he’s got souvenir tee shirts:  “I Had a Blast at the 2013 Boston Marathon” and “Boston Marathon 2013 — Run for Your Life.

If only that was true and/or funny.

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10 Responses to The Runs End Badly

  1. Dawgbowl says:

    Half a day later and there’s no suspects or claims of responsibility. But it was fascinating to see how FAUX News jumped in with both feet and blamed those hated A-rab types:

    Despite the fact that no known facts were made known about the culprit behind today’s senseless bombings during the Boston Marathon, facts have never stood in the way of Fox in the past so why break dangerous precedent? Just when you thought the colostomy bag was overflowing like sick green splatter in state-run nursing facility when Fox News ran with a totally debunked and bogus story about having the bomber in custody and then being a Saudi national, the network always manages to locate the biggest attention-seeking paste-eater.

    These are the fair and balanced people who claim liberals run the media and slant all their reporting.

  2. Sue Perfluous (not my real name) says:

    Lance Armstrong is not a druggie. He’s a juicy.

  3. syrbal says:

    I think this was some home-grown sort, not foreign sorts. And in spite of the news headlines trumpeting that the blasts required ‘battlefield’ experience; I don’t think they were caused by any military genius either. We may never find the responsible asshat — it reminds me of the bombing in the Olympic Village by that anti-abortion nutjob. But yes, there is FauxNoose hanging their brains out to dry as usual…

  4. Living Will says:

    I thought about the Atlanta Olympics event, too. That motive remained mysterious. Seems like it wasn’t a very “professional” job.

  5. E.O. Hippus says:

    FWIW, the incendiary devices are common tools of middle east terrorists. This could indicate the source — or it could just be anybody who did some homework.

  6. Mr Schwinnckle says:

    Yankees Fans? FUCK YOU! Damn Phillies Phans….. Ok so I like them both, kill me for doing so!

  7. 'Nonymous says:

    Now that we know what was used to make the bombs, I’m waiting for the libtards to propose regulating or confiscagting pressure cookers. That’s easier than than rounding up raghead terrorists and deporting them.

    • Nobody says:

      It’s always enlightening to read the insights of a great thinker and humanitarian like yourself, ‘nonymous. You get it. You just get it. And you speak for us all.

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    • Squathole says:

      You do that, sweetheart. I love botspam, especially when it features howlers like “peaked my interest.” Peak this.

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