Sold Above the Fold?

In the print edition of today’s Miami Hurled you can find a puff piece by H.T. Smith and Jorge Arrizureta praising the proposed Sun Life Stadium deal, and urging the community to vote (should this issue ever make the ballot).

logo-ericaThe writers are described as “heading the campaign to persuade voters to approve a tax-subsidized renovation of Sun-Life Stadium.”  I would provide the link but I can’t find it.  If somebody else would like to supply it, I’d be grateful.

I met H.T. Smith years ago, and admired his outspokenness on community issues, but I thoroughly disagree with him on this one.  (I don’t know the other guy at all.)  I don’t find his support for this project convincing, which is why, reading through the essay (a nice readable summary of ownership’s position) I have two questions: How much money are the Dolphins paying these two for their advocacy and promotion?  And doesn’t that matter when weighing their credibility?

I also wonder why the article isn’t on-line, and worry that this might be “sponsored content,” paid for by the Dolphins to appear on the Op-Ed page.  I hope not.  But this is south Florida, that’s the Miami Hurled, and there are reasons to doubt.

UPDATE Tuesday 4/30

Here’s the link, which appeared just today.

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3 Responses to Sold Above the Fold?

  1. Living Will says:

    Early voting has started — despite the fact that the measure has not been approved by the state yet. Just business as usual in this dysfunctional banana republic.,

  2. Beardsley says:

    I can’t find the essay on-line either, Very strange. But I did find this:

    “The Dolphins have launched their own PR blitz to turn around public opinion and hired two venerable Miamians to run it: Attorney H.T. Smith, who is black, and GOP fundraiser Jorge Arrizurieta, a Cuban American. Good guys, shrewd move. They kicked off their campaign the other day at the NFL Youth Education Town (YET) in Liberty City, a shining example of NFL and Dolphins generosity. Thousands of kids have been tutored, mentored, coached and counseled at the YET center, and Smith says thousands more will be with future Miami Super Bowls, each contributing $500,000 to the YET. African-American voters may be the single most enthusiastic voting bloc for the Sun Life proposal, especially voters in Miami Gardens where property tax revenues would increase with stadium improvements.”

    That was in a Herald column by Michael Putney, 4/16.

    So there’s no question the two are bought and paid for, and yes, I agree, that significantly impacts their credibility.

  3. Lois Terms says:

    Corporate welfare to benefit a billionaire. What’s the debate?

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