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Free Concert, and Worth Every Penny

Come see us at the Miramar Farmers Market tomorrow at noon! It’s a great arrangement — plenty of fresh produce available to buy and throw at us if we suck. Hope it doesn’t rain.

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ATF (All Time FUBAR)

Just in time for World Autism Day, this tale from the city of Milwaukee… ATF agents running an undercover storefront in Milwaukee used a brain-damaged man with a low IQ to set up gun and drug deals, paying him in … Continue reading

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Divorce, Tater Peeler Road Style

The wife of a Wilson County [TN] Sheriff’s Office deputy was shot to death Saturday at their Lebanon home by a 4-year-old who gained access to a gun at a family cookout, police said.  Josephine G. Fanning, 48, was pronounced … Continue reading

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Baby Boomers’ Baby Boners

By this time everybody’s had a chance to digest the news of the deaths of two world-famous women, Margaret Thatcher and Annette Funicello. Like every baby boomer everywhere, male, female, and in-between, I was a big fan of Mouseketeer Annette.  … Continue reading

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This Means War!

Computer hackers appear to have infiltrated North Korea’s official news website and its Twitter and Flickr feeds, posting unflattering images of leader Kim Jong-un. The latest hacking incident also follows a major cyber attack that crashed the computer networks at … Continue reading

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These Mouths Are Made For Prayin’

Alright Okay All kidding aside, what does all THIS add up to? Republican North Carolina state legislators have proposed allowing an official state religion in a measure that would declare the state exempt from the Constitution and court rulings. The … Continue reading

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Ponce Upon a Ptime

This is a brilliant and entertainiong essay on Florida.  I think I need to read his book. Samples: Florida probably was first sighted by Portuguese navigators, or perhaps by the Cabots sailing from England. Either way, it started appearing on … Continue reading

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Play Bawl

Opening Day!  The Miami (not Florida) Marlins are shut out 2-0 on a combined 3-hitter by the Washington Nationals.  The local radio wags are already talking about an over/under line for the number of blanks they’ll fire this year; they … Continue reading

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Bullets for Binkies

Wrong Questions The shocking death of a 4-year-old girl — shot dead with a handgun inside a car outside her grandparent’s home — zeroed in on two issues Sunday: How did the gun that apparently killed little Rahquel Carr get … Continue reading

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