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Say What?

A very busy week — it’s what happens when June 1 is the deadline for 3 separate proposals — but I just must make time for this incredible headline from the Kansas City Star: NYC cops say they didn’t slap … Continue reading

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Star Spangled BBQ

Happy Memorial Day.  Put down the beer for a moment. Today is the moment to note how troubling it is that this nation treats its veterans pretty badly. Approximately every 80 minutes, a US military veteran commits suicide in the … Continue reading

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Ask the Expertz

So the basic serviceable little “Go-Phone” to which I exile myself after clumsily losing my HTC SmartPhone in Key West Bight finally surrenders  its life, and nobody at AT&T, either  in person or over the tech-help phone line, has a … Continue reading

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Take Me Out to the Ball Game, But Take Me Out of the Park

Guido and I actually went to the Marlins/Phillies game last night.  And we live in Broward! I know how to get to the ballpark, but I noticed that there are exactly zero signs on I-95 advising drivers which exit they … Continue reading

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A Lost Art-Fay

How would you like to start your week — yet another story about an accidental shooting here in the Gunshine State so we can rehearse once more the myth about how lots of people carrying plenty of guns make us … Continue reading

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The End of Dick Trickle

No, not a medical breakthrough or new protective undergarment. Retired stock-car driver Dick Trickle, known for his colorful name and short-track prowess, died on Thursday from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. He was 71. — ESPN Just a great name.

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Bowling for Bullets

Is there a Plaxico Burress Award? A man accidentally shot himself in the leg while bowling at Jupiter Lanes about 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, police said. Witnesses said the man had been carrying a gun in the pocket of his shorts. … Continue reading

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