Eye Cue Yew Queue

When it comes to conservative ‘Pubs on immigration, here’s a guy who epitomizes everything they stand for.

In a 2009 dissertation for a public-policy doctorate at Harvard University, Jason Richwine, the co-author, wrote that Hispanic immigrants generally had an I.Q. that was “substantially lower than that of the white native population” — and that the lower intelligence of immigrants should be considered when drafting immigration policy.

“Immigrants living in the U.S. today do not have the same level of cognitive ability as natives,” wrote Dr. Richwine, who is a senior policy analyst at Heritage. “No one knows whether Hispanics will ever reach I.Q. parity with whites, but the prediction that new Hispanic immigrants will have low-I.Q. children and grandchildren is difficult to argue against.” — NYTimes

I know — after watching ‘Pubs ram mandatory prayer and textbooks promoting Creationism in schools, you thought conservatives didn’t believe in science.  Well, they do — or at least they do when some quack can cook up “hard data” to defend a racist agenda.

KKK-CrystalPoolWhy bother with this now, 4 years later?  Because the author of this tract is the co-author of the Heritage Study report released this week that conservative ‘Pubs are eagerly pushing to defeat the immigration bill currently before Congress.


“Whether you agree or disagree with the Heritage study, what their co-author believes is downright insulting and shameful,” said Ali Noorani, executive director of the National Immigration Forum, a group that has mobilized support for the bill. “Heritage has really become an outlier. The rest of the country is having a 21st-century conversation about immigration reform, and Heritage is caught in 1800. I really think their entire credibility is in question.”

Yeah, shit like this tends to stink. It’s hard to pick up by its clean end.  That doesn’t mean the Heritage Foundation, led by its new President former US Senator Jim DeMint, isn’t trying.

“This is not a work product of the Heritage Foundation,” Mike Gonzalez, vice president of communications for the organization, wrote in an e-mail statement……In a blog post, Mr. Gonzalez added: “We welcome a rigorous, fact-based debate on the data, methodology and conclusions of the Heritage study on the cost of amnesty. Instead, some have pointed to a Harvard dissertation written by Dr. Jason Richwine.”

They’ll vociferously deny there’s anything biased or untoward about their anti-immigrant stance, insisting that it’s all a matter of economics, justice, and fairness.  They’ll seek the high ground as well, claiming theirs is the approach demanded by patriotism and respect for American values.  But when you turn over a few a few rocks you reveal the vermin in their midst.

No like-um vermin.

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3 Responses to Eye Cue Yew Queue

  1. Mason DeMint says:

    I read Mr Gonzalez’s interesting explanation of the report then realized that he, coming from a sometime Hispanic immigrant family, is too fucking stupid with his low IQ to be taken seriously. It’s a vicious cycle among the low IQ…obviously he didn’t understand his own report.

  2. Beardsley says:

    The author’s ignorance aside, the contents and findings of the Heritage Foundation report should be evaluated on their own merits. This process us underway, and several reviews (including Marco Rubio’s) have taken issue with much of the report. When the dust settles, we may or may not have a worthwhile immigration reform bill.

    No matter what, the Heritage Foundation has damaged itself, revealing how it relies on rather unsavory biased “scholars” whose research is premised on ideology that can only be described as racist. This particular writer was closely involved with Richard Spencer, a self-described “nationalist” whose website AlternativeRight.com derides quaint ideas like “the abstract notion of human equality.” No doubt it reads better in the original German.

  3. Hose B says:

    Richwine resigned from the Heritage Foundation. He’s poison even to that pack of righwing nutters. I suspect we won’t hear a whole more about this so-called study. — but what do I know? I’m a first-generation Latin with a low IQ.

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