The End of Dick Trickle

dick_trickle_frontNo, not a medical breakthrough or new protective undergarment.

Retired stock-car driver Dick Trickle, known for his colorful name and short-track prowess, died on Thursday from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. He was 71. — ESPN

Just a great name.

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5 Responses to The End of Dick Trickle

  1. Tricky Dick says:

    With a name like that suicide was inevitable

  2. Dick Van Dyke says:

    He would have changed his name if it bothered him — instead he turned it into a brand. My agent told me to do the same thing — I was born “Penis Truck Lesbian.”

  3. Dick Armey says:

    Sorry to see him go. But frankly, I always thought that was a really stupid name.

  4. julesagray says:

    Maaaaan…I was SO hoping he was gonna be the next spokesman for Super Beta Prostate.

    • Tricky Dick says:

      Just so you know the “BETA” version is no longer available. It’s now available in “FULL RELEASE,” if ya know what I mean!

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