Say What?

A very busy week — it’s what happens when June 1 is the deadline for 3 separate proposals — but I just must make time for this incredible headline from the Kansas City Star:

NYC cops say they didn’t slap Amanda Bynes’ vagina in bong-throwing incident

I presume the world knows who this person is (I sure don’t) — which suggests the headline writers misspelled either “Byne’s” or “Bynes’s.”  They managed to get “vagina” right, though.  And “bong,” unless that’s supposed to be “dong” which I could see in the context of a story about a vagina.

This is just the sort of gossipy crap I avoid religiously.  Ignorance is snarky bliss.

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4 Responses to Say What?

  1. Ted End says:

    Ha ha! Yeh, and ‘Vagina” should be capitalized because its the name of a State.

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