Why We Need Capital Punishment

PARKS-articleLarge-v2First thing that crossed my mind when I read that spray-painting graffiti on century-old endangered cactus in national parks has become popular.

The same sort of symbols one might see on a subway train were scattered along the spiny forest last month. Rangers eventually found at least 45 graffiti tags in the park, including 16 on the slow-growing and fragile saguaro, the paint obscuring part of the green skins where the plants store the chlorophyll to draw nourishment from the sun.

It was the latest example of a trend that has been unnerving park officials from Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado to Arches in Utah and Joshua Tree in California. Just as drought and rapid development have caused a rise in encounters between humans and wild animals on the edges of many American cities, the wilder side of urban life — vandalism, graffiti and litter — has found its way into the wilderness. — NYTimes

I know — it’s Art.  The Creative Impulse crying out for expression; the push-back of a repressed personality despairing for the future, desperately seeking an outlet to resist inevitable oblivion.

I call Bullshit.  This is somewhere between animal cruelty and vandalism.

The cause of this recent spike in graffiti on public lands is unclear, but some park personnel say there is reason to believe that it coincides with the rise of social media. “In the old days,” said Lorna Lange, the spokeswoman for Joshua Tree, “people would paint something on a rock — it wouldn’t be till someone else came along that someone would report it and anybody would know about it……with social media people take pictures of what they’ve done or what they’ve seen. It’s much more instantaneous.”

Vandals have spray painted over ancient petroglyphs and painted boasts on famous rock formations. They have chopped up precious plant specimens, knocked down stalactites and dumped just about anything you can imagine beside crystal clear streams.

Yeah.  Let’s cut off their hands before we kill them.  Put THAT on YouTube.

I won’t raise the question, What’s the matter with these people because I already know, and so do you: They just don’t give a rat’s ass beyond their own self-indulgences.  It doesn’t even rise to the level of childish spite, let alone social protest, not that either motivation justifies defacing nature or mutilating fragile environment.

Public flogging, amputation, firing squad.  Only way to stop it.  Besides, we can use the parking spaces.

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2 Responses to Why We Need Capital Punishment

  1. Camiel Toe says:

    Personally, I’ve ALWAYS loved the idea of public flogging (private works, too!) and I think this particular offense lends itself well to the practice. It’s not like they can be forced to clean up their mess, as though it was a wall they painted on.

  2. Kent Standit says:

    Some people just don’t give a shit, and nothing anybody says or does seems to have an impact. Some of them are brainless vandals like this. Others go to Congress.

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