Update: Cops Handcuff Man Then Kill His Dog

Here’s the story I posted a few days ago about the police in Hawthorne CA who shot a dog to death while they were arresting his owner.  By now the video has been seen by almost 4 millions viewers (not counting cats).

The latest news is that three cops have been taken off the street for their own safety following a series of death threats.  The police department would neither confirm nor deny that some threats were “barked in.”

In addition, the Hawthorne Police Department’s website was hacked by Anonymous, who also uploaded their own video:

anonymous-videoIn the video, uploaded on Wednesday, a man wearing the group’s usual V for Vendetta mask reads from a prepared statement, calling the shooting of the Rottweiler “unacceptable.”

“Police of Hawthorne you must know that you are our primary target,” the Anonymous activist says. “This matter will not remain unresolved… We do not forgive, we do not forget. Expect us.” —LAist

LAist also reports that “Petitions at change.org, causes.com and whitehouse.gov have gotten more than 130,000 signatures of people calling for the officer who killed the dog to be fired.

Locally, both Treyvon Martin’s and George Zimmerman’s mothers identified “with certainty” the cries of the dying dog as belonging to their son.

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3 Responses to Update: Cops Handcuff Man Then Kill His Dog

  1. Hose B says:

    Same old story. Who polices the police? Who watches the watchers?

  2. Pompatus Of Love says:

    Your 3rd Amendment is under attack, too:
    Police Commandeer Homes

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