So, this happened.

I’m barefoot all the time.  It’s one reason I moved to this climate — it’s warm enough to go without shoes 12 months of the year.  Sure there’s exceptions.  Sometimes the stone floor is cold.  Sometimes I venture into public buildings. But that’s why they’re called exceptions.

Anticipating the weekend rains, I mowed the lawn on Thursday — barefoot, as usual.  Power mower, weed whacker, edger, etc. — barefoot.  Been doing this Commando style for 20 years with nary a problem.  I haul a 20 foot royal palm frond  out into the alley and chop it up for the brush pile with a machete — barefoot.  Climb a stand of areca palms to get the seed pods down — barefoot.  Sweep up the burning hot blacktop driveway — barefoot.  Clear out the area under the citrus trees, with its vicious thorns and branches, barefoot.   No problem.

blue hoofGuido comes home and hands me a dolly device to carry into the house.  I grab it by the handle — completely mystified as to its function and mechanics, as I am regarding most tools — and somehow press the release that expands it.  It shoots down and crushes the big toe on my right foot.

Ouch?  See photo.  Hope you like blue.


Last week I noted the hysterical gaffe by a San Francisco teevee station’s talking head who read off a list of fake Chinese sounding names (“Sum Ting Wong”), identifying them as the crew of the Asiana airplane that went down.  I noted the similarity to the NY Daily News “Chink In The Armor” headline in the story on Jeremy Linn.

This weekend I tripped over this statement in a review of “The Billionaire’s Apprentice that appeared in the NY Times Book Review of 6/30 (I’m always 2 -6 weeks behind with this weekly section).  The book discusses the corruption of various Indian-American business luminaries who beat the odds and became Wall Street zillionaires, two of whom ended up disgraced and imprisoned  when convicted for corruption.  The review, by Frank Portnoy, included this sequence:

Indian-Americans populate every aspect of this story. On the government side, Preet Bharara oversaw both trials. Sanjay Wadhwa, a dogged securities investigator, connected the dots.

Really, Frank?  “Connected the dots”?  As in, what the DOW chemical explosion did in Bangladesh?  As in, the official Indian web site “”  Did you really want to get away with this nasty little snottery?

Evidently he did, because since then I’ve seen nothing about it.  So maybe it’s me.  I’m just too sennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn-sitive.  Especially in the toenails.

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10 Responses to Nailed

  1. says:

    toe riffic photo

  2. Hywdgirl says:

    Wow! Join my recovery, same toe btw, it’s been 2 months since that one shot of tequila (for the year) @ your house, then the bicycle wipeout incident on the beach. Still waiting for the nail to come off 😦

  3. Key Liam says:

    What’s with all that metal? You’re supposed to put lightning rods at the *highest* point, not the lowest. What do you do, walk on your hands?

  4. Hose B says:

    Re: Indians. Dots not funny.

  5. Rollo Nickels says:

    I call Bullshit!
    That happened when finally, somebody punched you in the mouth.
    Bullshit! BULLSHIT!

  6. syrbal says:

    Being another lover of being shoeless, I did reflexively “Owwww!” at that picture. Love the toe rings, however!

  7. syrbal says:

    Oh, btw, there is a lawsuit coming about the whole “Sum Ting Wong” bit.

  8. Kent Standit says:

    Hey — what happened? Somebody finally kick you in the ass? Where you been?

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