No Day at the Beach

Three beachgoers were injured when a waterspout came ashore in Pompano Beach on Friday, causing havoc as nearly 400 lifeguards were in the middle of a competition nearby.

It happened at about 3:45 p.m. just south of the Pompano Pier. Pompano Beach Public Communications Director Sandra King said tents and umbrellas went flying.

The twister hit as the lifeguards were at the beach for the U.S. Lifesaving Association Southeast Regional and Junior Lifesaving Championships being held through Saturday. –Sun Sentinel

“It’s god’s punishment for the jury acquitting George Zimmerman,” said  Westboro Baptist Church spokesslug Barney Inbred, leading a delegation in Sanford this week to throw gasoline on fires and distract from serious commentary.  “We know now from the reports of Trayvon’s friend Rachel Jeantell that Zimmerman was a gay rapist, but the jury ignored this fact.  God hates fags and this is his wrath.”

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  1. Pat Robertson says:

    Sounds right to me.

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