See No Evil

Stevie Wonder has drawn a line in the sand.

“I decided today that until the Stand Your Ground law is abolished in Florida I will never perform there again,” Mr. Wonder said during a concert in Quebec City. “Wherever I find that law exists I will not perform in that state or that part of the world.”  — NYTimes

stevie_wonder_hotter_than_julyDepending on who’s counting, there are about 2 dozen states with a SYG type law on the books, which means Stevie Wonder’s orbit will be significantly diminished.  Furthermore, I suspect that some of the states he’s declared off-limits are delighted by his vow.  Just sayin’.

West Virginia is one thing, but it’s hard to imagine Stevie never playing Chicago or Atlanta again, yet such would be the consequence of ruling out Illinois and Georgia.  I’m thinking his agent could always book the tour and tell the artist they’re in Denver or Boston or something.

“Awfully hot,” he might say, deplaning at Hartsfield International.

“Global warming, Stevie — Al Gore was right.  You smell that shit?  The Charles River is actually boiling.  Let’s get you to the hotel.”

I’m not sure that this strategy would work as well with Bruce Springsteen, who reportedly has made similar noises about boycotting SYG states, but they could always just get him real stoned.  Might improve the music, too.

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