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It’s been quiet around here — have you noticed? — not for any intentional reason, it’s only that I’ve been totally preoccupied by a series of developments in what is called The Real World and it’s been too exhausting to … Continue reading

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Name That Tribe

The latest ooh-shocking shame shame shame seems to be this business about the name of Washington DC’s football franchise.  Lots of very important media people are upset not only about the name “Redskins,” but the attitude of Dan Snyder, the … Continue reading

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Broward Attorney: “Meet My Pet Unicorn!”

It’s well-established that the capacity to shamelessly and confidently utter total nonsense is a valuable component of an attorney’s tool set, even if doing so identifies the speaker as a moron. This principle was put in play when attorney Eric … Continue reading

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Anonymous Senators, Secret Sessions (ASSS)

When I spotted this on Saturday I thought it might be a spoof.  It isn’t. Leaders of the Senate Finance Committee are trying to tackle the explosive issue of tax reform by offering an extraordinary guarantee of 50 years of … Continue reading

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Grants’ Tomb

The Knight Foundation has compiled a self-congratulatory report they’d like the entire philanthropic community to embrace. For professional reasons, I reviewed the report carefully.  A self-praising screed with which they’re apparently enamored, they’re sure the rest of the world will … Continue reading

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