Anonymous Senators, Secret Sessions (ASSS)

When I spotted this on Saturday I thought it might be a spoof.  It isn’t.

coneLeaders of the Senate Finance Committee are trying to tackle the explosive issue of tax reform by offering an extraordinary guarantee of 50 years of anonymity to lawmakers skittish about publicly presenting candid views on which tax credits and deductions deserve to be dropped or altered in a new code. The fear is palpable among senators that disclosing even their thoughts on the subject could damage careers if power lobbyists and angry constituents were to get early wind via Washington’s relentless leak machine. — NYTimes

Senators are SO SCARED of corporate lobbyists — whose ranks they look forward to joining once they retire from Congress to earn some REAL money — that the only way they’ll deal with even DISCUSSING the elimination of insane and unfair tax breaks is if they’re given an iron-clad guarantee of anonymity, and speak to one another through the Cone of Silence.

Now that’s courage.  That’s leadership.

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6 Responses to Anonymous Senators, Secret Sessions (ASSS)

  1. Lois Terms says:

    If you ever had doubts about who really runs the country, this should resolve them.

  2. Frank of Oregon says:

    I had to read the whole editorial because I didn’t believe it, either. This is mind-boggling, even for my rock-bottom expectations for this Congress. I can’t even laugh at this it’s so gross. I feel like spitting.

  3. Miami Harold says:

    If only they were as fearless
    as they are shameless
    as courageous as they are conniving.
    If only.

  4. syrbal says:

    They put a whole new level into the word “venal”.

  5. Living Will says:

    I think we’re at the point where the only sane solution is to order drone strikes when Congress is in session.

  6. MadamI says:

    Just my luck, I had to run into a poisonous achtung. Idiots! Dummkopfs! Sissies!
    Pardon me while I get my shoe phone.

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