pix_15_interregnumIt’s been quiet around here — have you noticed? — not for any intentional reason, it’s only that I’ve been totally preoccupied by a series of developments in what is called The Real World and it’s been too exhausting to separate myself in order to offer anything here worth reading.

Blogging is about dead anyway, but I don’t intend  to shut down operations just yet (if ever).  Just the same, it will continue to be slow around here for a few more days at least while Guido and I head off to KW for our (gasp) 25th anniversary.  Wow.  That happened.

Facebook is starting to suck, too, and Twitter always did.  Anyone for smoke signals?  Or how about some old-fashioned radio silence?

Silence.  To quote Groucho:  “Say — there’s a thought.”

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5 Responses to Interregnum

  1. Miami Harold says:

    Happy Anniversary.
    Guido is a saint.
    Enjoy your time among the sinners in KW.

  2. julesagray says:

    it’s slow here too. but a bird just flew into my window so I may summon the strength to go see what happened. or I may no. these are the choices i have right now. thoughts?

  3. Vaudeville says:

    What do you mean, “blogging is about dead?”

  4. syrbal says:

    Yes, Happy Anniversary! I always lag into a combo of silence and idiocy in August. I’d happily hibernate through the month if possible.

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