Flaming Fools

Florida’s favorite holy man is at it again.

Controversial Gainesville Pastor Terry Jones, known for his plans to publicly burn copies of the Muslim holy book, was arrested Wednesday with thousands of kerosene-soaked Qurans, authorities said.

JPastor-Terry-Jonesones, 61, was arrested on felony charges after a traffic stop near a pharmacy in Mulberry, a small town in Polk County, just before 5 p.m. He faces charges of unlawfully transporting fuel and openly carrying a firearm.

Deputies said Jones was riding in a pickup truck that was towing a smoker and trailer filled with kerosene-soaked Qurans. He also had extra bottles of kerosene inside the truck bed.

According to Jones’ website, he planned to burn 2,998 Qurans in the Tampa Bay area on Wednesday. He was arrested along with Associate Pastor Marvin Sapp.

Sapp’s pickup truck was seized. He also was charged with unlawfully transporting fuel and was cited for improper lighting on the trailer.

“My detectives had many conversations with Terry Jones prior to today,” Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said Wednesday. “He was told he was welcome to come to Polk County and express his First Amendment rights. However, if he violated the law, he would absolutely be arrested and placed in the county jail.” — Orlando Sentinel

The man conducts himself with all the maturity of a hormone-crazed teenager pulling girls’ pigtails to capture attention.

“Last I looked, this is still America,” Ray Ed Gneck, a spokesworm for the Dove World Outreach Center told reporters.  “If Pastor Jones freely elects to conduct himself like a flaming asshole in a public park, he has every right to do so.  We plan to fight these outrageous charges.

“And as a gun owner, he plans to plead the Second Amendment, too.”

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6 Responses to Flaming Fools

  1. Ruh Roh says:

    The one thing I don’t blame the damn fool for is carrying the weapon. I felt like taking a shot at him myself. — I bet I’m not alone.

  2. Barbara Ganousch says:

    Did he actually buy 3,000 copies of the Koran? Generous of him (and/or his church) to contrbute so much financial support to the publishers of Muslim religious items. I wonder if going forward he’ll get lovely greeting cards and regular solicitations for support.

  3. syrbal-labrys says:

    Good grief…and just when I thought my headache might be gone. Let’s drop him, his soaked books, truck and all, into Pakistan and let him go all kinds of first and second amendment to his moronic little heart’s delight.

    • Ted End says:

      No offense intended — but have you heard of dyslexia?

      • Living Will says:

        C’mon Ted, really? Syrbal-Labrys was a small Baltic region nation like Bosnia-Herzegovina and Rimsky-Korsakov. Don’t you know anything?

        Yo Squathole — you back? Maybe you want to update your blogroll.

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