The Fiscality of It All

FYOctober 1st.  Dawn breaks on the new fiscal year.  As I sit here toiling over my tax return, which features too many zeroes unencumbered by commas, it occurs to me how much I resent paying for John Boner’s health care while it costs me $2,500 monthly.

Toss in the rate increase from Citizen’s — we’re among the 5,459 properties in Hollywood eligible for thorough soaking, if not by windstorm and rising waters, then by government-sponsored fiat — and it’s clear that the primary reason Guido and I produce revenue is to keep insurance industry profits robust.   Aah.  The Meaning of Life.  Finally.

Later today I will explore, which US Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sibelius notes in today’s Miami Hurled “is not your typical government website. You will find that information is clear, user-friendly and interactive.”  Thanks, Madame Secretary, for your candid high-level condemnation of “typical” government websites, another burden groveling citizens have endured whenever forced to deal with authorities at all levels, many of which shuttered this morning thanks to Congressional inaction.  I’m paying for YOUR health care, too.

John Boner may have better health care than me, but I have a better sun tan.  It’s all about values, you know.

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1 Response to The Fiscality of It All

  1. Lois Terms says:

    Funny how socialism is okay with guys like John Boner and Congress when it’s him on the receiving end.

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