We The People. They the Bums.


And in other news, the national ObamaCare health exchange website remains dysfunctional, although now the gubmint — the one not working, remember them? — says it’s a software problem created by too many users crashing the system.

This response is met by a chorus of “Duhs” by the general public, and scorn by IT workers.  “It’s poorly designed,” said Luke Chung, the president of a database company in Virginia who has publicly criticized the site in recent days. “People higher up are given the excuse that there are too many users. That’s a convenient excuse for the managers to pass up the chain.” nytimes

Maybe instead of hiring promotions people and celebrities to tout the system and sell it to consumers, more resources should have gone into design.  As in, substance.  Just sayin.

“The prime contractor for the federal exchange — CGI Federal, a unit of the CGI Group, based in Montreal — and the company operating a “data services hub” for the government — Quality Software Services Inc., a unit of the UnitedHealth Group — told Congress at a hearing on Sept. 10 that they were ready for a surge of users when enrollment opened on Oct. 1.”

Aha!  Canadians!  Part of the notorious and thoroughly corrupt United Health Group, too.  I smell an international plot!  Great choices determined no doubt on the credentials and qualifications of the players, nothing to do with politics or campaign contributions.

Just another reason Americans have totaly lost faith in their own gubmint to solve problems, or just plain LEAD.

In any case, the proof of the pudding and all that — 8 days later the system is crashed, off-line much of the time, and thoroughly ineffective.  Thank you for your service, US Gubmint.  Too bad running a software program for the nation’s health care isn’t as easy or vital as waging middle eastern wars.

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10 Responses to We The People. They the Bums.

  1. J. Arthur Rank says:

    It’s a very simple principle — WE get the government THEY deserve.

  2. Merkin Way says:

    Quit knocking yourself out. Just lie about your age and apply for Medicare. I imagine you look old enough anyway.

  3. Barbara Ganousch says:

    It just goes to show (again) that there’s more money to be made in killing people than keeping them healthy.

  4. Edgar Allan Podunk, Goth Hick says:

    Back in the day we said “War is good business — invest your son.” Who wants to be a dawcta or a law-yuh when you can blow things up with drone strikes on targets from the other side of the world?

  5. 'Nonymous says:

    Love to hear the liberals whine about the guy they wanted so bad. Learn anything yet? Probably not.

    • Dawgbowl says:

      Here’s what I learned: some people hate Obama so much they’ll blame him for warm beer or a rainy day. The responsible party for the shut-down in the Congress, specifically the House, and exactly the Speaker. It’s their move, and they’re not making it. Study the law.

  6. Living Will says:

    I heard that because of the shutdown, the ocean was closed. But I was just on the Lauderdale beach and it looked about the same to me. End of report.

  7. Ben Dover says:

    OMFG! I have been trying to access the “Insurance Marketplace” for FL since day 1. There are so many glitches & slow time that it’s absolutely frustrating. Does anyone know anyone who has actually managed to successfully apply and get registered? If so they could probably earn a decent living helping others, because they must know something or have special powers the rest of us don’t. On Monday the “live chat” actually worked. That is I got a live keyboard operator responding to my questions and offering their sincere apologies. But no, they couldn’t really answer my questions or provide any useful help except to offer me the 800#, which they said I could call and register by phone. Tues AM I finally bite the bullet & call. Wait time not bad; pleasant voice answers and starts to recite her script about the “Marketplace”, etc. Recommendations are to be patient, keep trying, maybe at a less busy time. Great, will do. So this AM I awake @ 4:30 and start up the computer. Enter the “Marketplace” site, click “Apply Now” & immediately I’m directed to the “Sorry, We Are Temporarily Down Due To Scheduled Maintenance.” I’m thinking great, maybe they’ll have this fucking site up & FUNCTIONAL by the time I get up, & head back to bed. 6:00AM still under maintenance. 6:30, 7:00, & 7:30, still under maintenance. Finally by 11:30AM I’m ready to try again. (I must be a glutton for punishment) The site is back on-line. I, once again, fill out the easy 3-page application, hit submit. Bottom line….I’m no closer. Obviously not all the glitches have been worked out. Hey, but I’m stubborn & a glutton, so I’ll keep trying. In spite of the fact that I feel like I’m taking up the arse. Anyway, thanks for letting my rant.

  8. Ben Dover says:

    Boy, I sure hope there will be coverage for psychiatric care in any of the those supposed plans that are supposedly available on the so called “Marketplace”. Because I gotta tell you that I have been doing the same fucking thing, repeatedly, for the past 8 fucking days, with the same fucking results, but expecting it to be different this time, each & every fucking time.

    I must be fucking insane.

    Hey, does that mean I should get a gun? I’m pretty sure I qualify for gun ownership now.

    • Diesel Fitter says:

      You not only qualify for a gun, you qualify for a FUCKING gun! And if you’re lucky enough to live in Florida, you can get one just about anywhere, anytime, and from anybody! Get two! Collect the whole set!

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