Further Hurling

glenn_garvin_situpIn case you missed it, Miami Hurled veteran reporter Glen Garvin reviewed Burger King’s new “Satisfries,” the company’s latest assault on American health and palates.   This is a new low even for the hapless hind Garvin, whose occasional ineffective political and cultural ravings remind readers (1) why Garvin has been a teevee critic since the vacuum tube was invented, and (2) how poorly managed and all-around crappy the Miami Hurled has become, that it doesn’t recognize this assignment as outrageous drivel.

On the same day, NYTimes’ op-ed page featured an essay by History Professor Sean Wilentz of Princeton University, discussing the  origins of the 14th Amendment, its role in the current debt-ceiling crisis, and how to date, both Congress and the President have abdicated their responsibility to protect the Constitution.  I found it disturbing, informative, and provocative, the sort of insight and background one needs when grappling with the issues of the day and evaluating options.

Nobody at the Hurled, including their french fry expert, would be interested.

Photo Credit: Miami NewTimes

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2 Responses to Further Hurling

  1. Private Partz says:

    How quaint. You read newspapers.

  2. Piles says:

    The up side: when he’s writing reviews of fast food items, he’s not making a total ass of himself with his political blather. Like his column today.

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