Revenge of the Whale

Or, He’s Dead, Jim. 

whale_wide-52658ddeb2ee0e97976a55edea7060a58c2aa2f4-s40-c85An engineer who blew up a whale carcass in Oregon using some 20 cases of dynamite has died, but the biggest bang of his career will live forever in YouTube infamy.

George Thornton, who was called into action by the Oregon Department of Transportation when a 45-foot whale washed up on the beach near Florence, Ore., in 1970, passed away on Sunday, The Oregonian reported. He was 84.

The massive mammal that beached on Oregon’s coastline on Nov. 9, 1970, was dead on arrival, and for a few days, local officials, unaccustomed to whales washing up on their shore, struggled with what to do with it. Burying it could result in it being uncovered; cutting it up or burning it were also ruled out because it was so big. —

….so Rocket Surgeon Thornton thought it would be a good idea to blow its ass up.

It didn’t work out as planned.  In yet another example of the timeless principle, What Goes Up Must Come Down, gigantic chunks of torn bloody blubber  rained down on spectators, the beach, and city streets, including one slab of meat so large it flattened the roof of a car.  Evidently the small was gagworthy as well.

The video isn’t as revealing as we’d like, but worth a look.

Rest in peace, if not pieces, Engineer.

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2 Responses to Revenge of the Whale

  1. J. Arthur Rank says:

    I bet it seemed like a good idea at the time.

  2. Sperm Spew says:

    It rained flaming blubber for damn near an hour!

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