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Em Eye See……Kay E Why……

(Is that how you spell “e”?) Here’s what our little Red Rudy brought us for Christmas.  He’s so thoughtful.  I assume he distributed the rest of the guts and carcass among his siblings, unless he ate them himself.

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El Kabong

Nice to see this old chestnut making the rounds again, just in time for Christmas: WEST MILTON, Ohio — A 63-year-old man bludgeoned his wife to death yesterday morning with a pair of banjos, deputies said. Edward Benson has been … Continue reading

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Kvetch PS

No problems at all in Minneapolis with the car rental.  Despite the cold and snow, they took very good care of me.  Thanks, Payless!

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Return of Kvetch

It’s not like I didn’t know better or hadn’t been warned.  Literally everybody I know who has flown with Spirit Airlines has a bad experience to report.  So I expected trouble of one sort or another when I booked a … Continue reading

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Kvetch (Part 1)

I’m not a good traveler.  Flying still scares me.  I’m somewhat claustrophobic and I don’t fit in airplane seats very well (who does?).  Being surrounded by blaring teevees irritates me.  I’m easily disoriented by maze-like structures directing pedestrian traffic, and … Continue reading

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Got It Covered. That, Too.

This is about Health Insurance. Guido and I have had coverage for years through my various employers.  When that came to an end, we got by on the infamous COBRA provision, where coverage is continued so long as we pay … Continue reading

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Best Garrett Morris Imitation Ever

Depending on which story you want to believe, the sign language interpreter at Nelson Mandela’s funeral service was a complete unqualified fraud or just a guy off his meds. The effect was Saturday Night Live flashback, if you’re old enough … Continue reading

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