Shall We Dunce?

dunce-cap-2Arriving on the shores of the Banana Republic of South Florida (BRSF) in the mid-80s, one of my first priorities (right behind establishing a permanent suntan) was finding a job.  As a non-profit executive, I poked around to see what the market had to offer, and what the competition was like.

It took me only a few months to conclude that I’d landed myself in a time warp.  The profession was in sad shape, and, with very few exceptions, its practitioners’ skills were primitive.  Worse yet, not only was there a dearth of opportunities, the market was pretty well insulated, protected closely by a cabal of incompetents who knew enough to shield themselves and their agencies from “outsiders” who might expose their weaknesses just by showing up.

I’m happy to report that things have improved considerably.  But every so often I come across a reminder.  This week it was an advertisement from which these excerpts are taken verbatim (I red-texted a few choice howlers):

Job Description

This  is a  specialized  Health Care  foundation which  will be  a  hands  on mentoring  position for a  min. of  6 months  that  will included  introduction  with the  team  and  show  guidelines  what is  to  be  expected  in this  position…. The  candidiate  must  have  an  understanding  of the mission statement  of the  Executive  Director  and the  Goals  of the  foundation. Must  have  a  great  understanding of the  Misson and its  unique and Unusual goals . Must  know  and  be  familiar  with there  readings.  Must  have  a  working knowledge of fundraising and  verify  the total results from fundraising  with  Hospitals and Health Care this  would  be  a  plus.

This  Foundation has a  small organization working  with  small  but  direct  results in overhead. The  candidate  must  be  dedicated  to the  cause  and  measuring results  for there  funding. This  foundation  althought  small  does  outsource most  of there  work. The  candidate  must  have  had  experience  with a min. experience  in  managing  no  less  than 10  people  at  one  time  with  goals in place.

Job Requirements

Education  4  year  degree    or  masters degree

Must  have  had  experience  in  fund rasing for  min. 3-5 years (Hospital  health care  or  Pharmacuticals a  plus)

Candidate  must  have  had  a  history  in  raising  funds  three to  five million  per  year per  year  with  direct  contact  involvment in the  process.

Candidate  must  be  between the  ages  of 30-48 years of  age  only.

Pretty classy, innit?  I especially like the last line, which proudly confesses the organization’s embrace of age discrimination in its hiring practices.

But here’s the best part: the ad appears to have been placed by a headhunting agency located in south Florida, with offices in several cities across the country.  Presumably the whole nation has the opportunity to sample south Florida’s professionalism.

While I’m tempted to identify the culprit and provide the link, I won’t.  Yet.  But I might email them this post.  Your views?

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5 Responses to Shall We Dunce?

  1. Ted L says:

    I’ve never seen such a blatant admission of age discrimination. If they are so ignorant with their spelling, they probably don’t know the law either. Start here and see what happens.

    If that doesn’t work move it up a notch to the feds.

    You may not get the job, but you’ll drive them bat-shit crazy.

  2. julesagray says:

    Email them, and CC the EEOC.

  3. Living Will says:

    No need to provide a link. A Google search using a phrase from the ad takes a reader right there

  4. Barbara Ganousch says:

    Another case of south Florida’s utter incompetence and insensitivity.

  5. Old Timer says:

    About that age discrimination — it’s soothing, in a twisted sort of way, to see confirmation of something I (and many others) have complained about for a while now. Employers don’t want to run the risk of bringing in competent people who might know more than they do. They’re insecure about their own skills and don’t want to be questioned, even quietly. And they don’t want to pay for experience. It’s the reason I started up my own operation a few years ago — a lot more work for me, but not as aggravating as a workplace full of whiners. PS Wish I could hire some peers, but business aint that good. Yet.

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