Under Cover

WASHINGTON — The House voted on Tuesday to extend a law banning firearms that can pass undetected through airport X-ray machines, but left out provisions that law enforcement officials say are necessary to combat the growing threat of guns made with 3-D printers….The legislation was approved overwhelmingly on a voice vote, meaning House members on both sides of a politically fraught gun-safety issue avoided having their individual votes officially recorded. — NYTimes

Whatever your views on the legislation itself, you can’t help but admire the planned obsequiousness demonstrated by the effective-anonymous vote.  Such dignity.  Such courage.  Such leadership.

These invertebrates are up for office every two years.  Remember their conduct on Election Day and reward them appropriately.


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1 Response to Under Cover

  1. Edgar Allan Podunk, Goth Hick says:

    Lookit the bright side. Maybe one or two of ’em did it out of shame, not fear. Genuine social skills — that’d be a positive development.

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