El Kabong

Nice to see this old chestnut making the rounds again, just in time for Christmas:

WEST MILTON, Ohio — A 63-year-old man bludgeoned his wife to death yesterday morning with a pair of banjos, deputies said.

Make_Way_for_El_Kabong_by_GagaManEdward Benson has been charged with aggravated murder and was being held in the Miami County Jail in lieu of $50,000 cash bond. [Miami County Chief Deputy Charles Price] said Mr. Benson beat his wife, Katie, with the musical instruments in their home about 5 a.m.

“She was beaten with a banjo in the head. When it was destroyed, a second banjo was used,” Mr. Price said. “Pretty gruesome.”

Ralph Wolfe, whose house is in front of the Bensons’, said Mr. Benson had told him he played the banjo in a bluegrass band.  — Baltimore Sun

Aah, Deliverance.

Nice that, somebody finally did something useful with a banjo.  But now get ready for the movement to have them registered, countered by a campaign to make sure there are banjos in every household.  After all, the only defense against a bad guy with a banjo…..

The real takeaway, though, is the innovative use of banjos in head-banging music.  Can’t wait for Ed Benson’s next album.

[h/t Jules]

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