New Year, Newborn, New Diet

While Colorado’s new law permitting the sale and usage of marijuana for recreational (non-medical) purposes has captured the headlines, a number of other regulations kicking off in 2014 have gone relatively unappreciated.  E.g. —

placenta_helper…..and here’s a nifty law that I’m sure you ALL have been chomping at the bit to see: Mothers in [the state of Oregon] can now legally take home the placenta after giving birth in a hospital.  Okay, I hear you loud and clear,… uh,… exactly WHY would you want to take home the placenta???

Well, it appears that placentas offer significant health benefits when the mother EATS them! Do NOT ask me if they’re better fried, broiled, baked, or raw,… cuz I will NEVER know. You see, it’s only legal for mothers to eat their own placentas – no fair giving it to someone else! —

Turns out you can have it in pill form, too, or in a smoothie.  Anybody retching yet?

While Oregon just enacted the legislation, the practice itself has been around for a while.  As you might expect, it has its advocates as well as detractors, both sides boasting evidence of varying legitimacy to back up their claims.  Researching the matter, I found entire recipe books and websites, even a video.    I guess this isn’t as surprising  as it is nauseating.  There’s probably a religion based on the practice somewhere as well, or at least a cult.  In fact, maybe there is: it’s called cannibalism.

Next up — the McCenta Happy Meal?  Love the special sauce.

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5 Responses to New Year, Newborn, New Diet

  1. Joe Balls says:

    What this shows — again — is that women will eat anything. No, that’s not a complaint.

  2. Lois Terms says:

    I wish I hadn’t read this before lunch.

  3. Diesel Fitter says:

    Make mine a double.

  4. J. Arthur Rank says:

    We were mixing this with Jaeger at a new year party. It seemed appropriate somehow, less so when a bunch of us hurled it an hour later. I sure hope that’s not a bad omen. #GONG

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