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Boycott Arizona Anyway

Let’s have one last look at this pesky little issue that seems to have rendered Arizona’s divided ‘Pubs into even more frenzied incoherence than usual. Ending a day that cast a glaring national spotlight on Arizona, Gov. Jan Brewer, a … Continue reading

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Keep It Wrinkled

Perhaps it’s the bad weather, or maybe many people disgruntled by a less than satisfactory Valentine’s Day this year, but interest has been recently rekindled in the Mormon document, “Steps to Overcoming Masturbation.” As an old hand in this practice, … Continue reading

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Everyone’s A Critic

From the friendly gregarious folks who rounded up stray dogs for prompt execution…… SOCHI, Russia — Activist members of the protest group Pussy Riot were attacked in downtown Sochi on Wednesday by plainclothes police officers using an irritant spray and … Continue reading

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Vee Dee 2014

Looking through some prior pearls for something to post for Valentine’s Day, I find this rather morbid tale of a few years ago, but with a message as contemporary as  2/14/14. And before you ask, No, I don’t make it … Continue reading

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Log Needed on Lincoln’s Birthday

Yet another snowstorm  is sandbagging the east coast as I write this — awww.  Well, those are the folks who say they don’t like Florida because they’d “miss the change of seasons.”  Change this. Anyway, I get a call blue … Continue reading

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From the Anals of the Olympics

Russian snowboarder Alexey Sobolev is already one of the big winners of the Sochi Olympics. The 22-year-old painted his cellphone number in giant blue letters on his helmet during slopestyle qualification. He ended up getting thousands of texts, including “dozens” … Continue reading

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Like A Good Neighbor

See, the thing about living in Florida is, in the winter we make up for news about bad weather by tales of the antics of a terrific assortment of Floridians. TAMPA — A man who lives in an apartment that … Continue reading

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